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  1. Yeah my Yellow lab/ German Shepard mix goes through chew toys in a day or so. Lately hes been doing pretty well with a tennis ball and every now and then I give him a busy bone not that it lasts as long as advertised lol
  2. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

    How can you not like the idea of using guns, tanks and helicopter gunships on Medieval armies (like boot stomping babies; easy and messy).  This was good can't wait til season 2.   PS: Really enjoyed the Apocalypse Now tribute
  3. Have you watched.......

    I watched both FMA(on adult swim back in the day) and Brotherhood both were great but I preferred Brotherhood's ending.
  4. Overlord is over :(

    Yeah it was pretty good. As far as season 2 goes the rumor mill says that since it was made by Madhouse who is not known for their sequels. Chances look pretty slim atm. Maybe we'll get lucky
  5. Hello from Maine!

    Woot, I was wondering when you'd get around to applying. Welcome!
  6. Scratch Off tickets…..

    I think I've gotten a lot of 1 and 2$ winners that i used to buy more and ended up with 0. Fortunately they were all gift scratch cards so it's like it never happened. Congrats though
  7. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Coffee, Iced or hot doesn't matter. And if I need to mow down on something either Wheat Thins with a spreadable cheese or  Chocolate covered coffee beans
  8. What do you like?

    I would have to say any Tom Clancy(RIP) book, The Wheel of Time series(RIP Robert Jordan), and Clive Cussler has a lot of good books too.
  9. Subbed or Dubbed

    I started watching dubbed but converted to sub after adult swim butchered the original airing of Eureka 7's last episode. I never looked back
  10. What do you use to watch Anime?

    bestanimes.tv is pretty reliable for being free streaming(subs) and a lot of the new stuff usually gets an hd release as well
  11. New England Meet Up?

    New England FTW, go Pats
  12. Ripther's intro

    Oh yessa bub. its wicked cool to find anoth-uh Main-uh around here-uh
  13. Stevo's Intro!

    Stevo13f I feel like you may be misrepresenting yourself when you say you're a 13yo female...
  14. Ripther's intro

    Hello,   My names Ripther. I decided to follow a couple of my friends over from DGC. I mostly play FPS and RTS games and a couple of mmo's like EVE and WoT. I'm a pretty easy going guy and look forward to gaming with ya.   Rip

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