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    My wife
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  1. Greetings from Barbs

    Welcome Dan!
  2. Favorite Play style?

    @[member='soupy48'] I hear you. I actually play on a laptop so run and gun is not my play style of choice. Slow and steady us how I do my best.
  3. Favorite Play style?

    It depends on the server for me and what is happening so I guess it changes a lot.  But when I can, I like to do something crazy like go n a killing spree with my repair tool.  There is nothing more funny that playing Metro #7 and having the enemy come around the turn with a ballistic shield and burning his face off with the repair tool.
  4. Jet Exiting

    @[member='dankcatmemes'] My apologies but I am not sure what you are asking.  
  5. Game wont launch

    Glad you got it figured out @[member='Skid']  Now let's shoot some people in the face....
  6. Introduction for HEMISCAR

    It is doing operation outbreak for now. Once the excitement dies down I imagine the map would likely go back to vote.
  7. DemonAngel was here!

    Welcome @[member='DemonAngel'] if it. Ales you feel any better, I play Battlefield 4 on laptop.
  8. Game wont launch

    Set everything to run as a mind all the time
  9. My name Is Balls, Yellowballs!

    Hey @Y3LLOW3ALLS I know your name well from the no explosives servers as the orange name that killed me. Well played. Happy to have you around.
  10. Introduction for HEMISCAR

    Welcome @[member='HEMISCAR'] you can find me at on those servers as well and also on TeamSpeak. Sometimes we are on the room for the server sometimes not like on the population room. Just look through the BF section of the ADK TeamSpeak
  11. Isaysay123er Introductioin

    I like guns. Welcome
  12. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    True enough. That server is popular.
  13. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    I'm with ImbatMoose.  It would be great to have a Conquest server playing more than just Outbreak.  We already have the specialty single map no explosive servers.
  14. My introduction.

    Welcome Matthew. Bad Company video... Hell yeah.
  15. Hello,   It seems server perks may have stopped working the past couple of days.  I am currently 11 in que for Metro.     Thanks!   Defiar

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