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  1. Windows 10

    What is windows 10 platform like windows 7 or 8..jus would like to know getting that annoying reminder everytime I reboot pc
  2. Graphics card

    Holy shit I have to add a socket
  3. Graphics card

    K ty
  4. Fresh respawn compass

    When you die in respond if you do not know what direction you're heading go ahead and type /loc and then you're heading use this to figure out which way you're heading
  5. Graphics card

    I have the GeForce 760 for my desktop was thinking about getting another one the same of course.. or would I benefit more by getting the gtx 980 and jus run 1..for gaming
  6. hello

    I played bf3 a lot was thinking about purchasing bf4
  7. hello

    wow diablo and h1z1 and csgo going to get into bf4 here soon
  8. hello

    hello name is chelseabrawler aka as joey.... I live in iowa I enjoy gaming have been doing it for about 17 years... I mostly play shooters also into other games aswell.. I work road construction so I game a lot in the winters when I am layed off

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