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  1. Hello (Not new, just came back)

  2. Hello (Not new, just came back)

    Thanks man and yeah
  3. youtube help

    Mate you made 4 topics, 2 asking same question and other 2 being very similar. You could of made 2 topics, one for Youtube videos here and another in the League of Legends section since it's LoL related question. Should ask here, if you need tips to get out of Bronze 4: League of Legends Tips and Training And probably for your YT questions, make one topic here asking for it. To answer and give some tips to your question: Since you Bronze 4, it's kind of hard to get into videos for League and becoming popular. Most people prefer to watch higher elo for any tips or their videos in general. Since you are B4, try to make fail montages or something that happen in Bronze, like funny moments. Record them, compile them into one video and upload. Rinse and repeat!
  4. Hello (Not new, just came back)

    Thanks guys!
  5. Diablo 3?

    Did you try Path of Exile? Many compare it to the first 2 Diablos. And as for the OP, I used to play it and might get back into it soon. If I do, I'll add ya.
  6. Well technically I'm not new, if you look at my registration, but I'm new because I wasn't active. At the time I was registered, my PC was dead and I was hoping I would fix it soon, but I didn't fix it until 3 months later. I was hyped to play Rainbow Six at the time and now I'm finally playing it. I also play League of Legends occasionally and just recently got into PoE. I got most games that this community plays so might get into them too once I get adapted here a little bit. Lots of awesome changes to the site since last time I was here. Anyways sorry for ditching you guys, but yeah my PC was shit so there was no much point trying to be too active. I found several gaming communities I wanted to join, but applying for them seems harder than applying for a damn job - just asking way too many things. Here it seems like a perfect balance I'll join your Discord soon too Anyways good to be back and hope to stay here this time. I'll def try hard this time
  7. I hate my normal elo........ or do I?

    The thing about high elo that I've noticed is some of them often don't really tryhard and they get lots of slack like "wow you have an ebay account", because most people who play normals from high elo ranked play normals to relax and put their mind to ease instead of thinking how to win the lane, then carry etc     I've beaten Diamonds on my lane and in games in normals but as I always look at it, they just probably didn't tryhard or they played champs they usually don't play. Tho I did play vs some like main Riven or Vayne or any champ Diamonds and still won vs them and many times I lost. No matter the result, it's pretty fun to see them how they play and try to adapt. Like I remember beating a Diamond Riven and then after I killed him 3 times, he made some really good roams and got fed and he fed his team too and we almost lost. That's the things I look for when playing vs higher elos in normals, to see how they pull off the best plays from the worst.    Although I've seen some high elo that are being absoulute dicks. It's like they lose vs a silver or gold and then they rage and I just love shitting on such people. 
  8. LoL community I neep help

    Like everyone said, it's a free to play game. It's a fun game but can be challenging at start, getting used to the community and all. But it's a fun game if you start to like it and honestly after playing 2 years, the first days of LoL I played were the best in any game IMO. When I look back on the memories when I used to think Ahri ADC was the shit...aaah    Anyways, good luck on the Fields of Justice!
  9. Welcome me

    Haha same for me, same type of games. I love them now! Anyways yeah, I'll have to jump into Ts3 soon then :D
  10. Welcome me

    Well I play League of Legends atm so I'll try to see who plays it here, but for now I see that ADK dropped support on LoL? I mean at least it did back when I registered here in October tho not long ago I saw an RP giveaway event here in my e-mail.   I do play H1Z1 ocasionally but meh, I kinda got tired of shooters since I literally played shooters since I started gaming when I was 4 years old. Yes, I played Duke Nukem, Commande Ken, Doom and such games when I was 4 years old and I'm not a grown up man killing people like media seems to think... <.<   Haha joke aside, but yeah I got tired of shooters since Battlefield 3...they just kept on dissapointing me last few years so I jumped into other genres. I wanna get back into shooters badly but I'm still waiting for that one special "babe" that I will fall in love with.
  11. Welcome me

    Aye, it's not hard at all, just gotta spend some time here :D   I'm still looking at what games to play lol, until then just going to be active in forums
  12. LoL 5.24 Patch Notes

    All I can say for this patch note is... Fuck Mundo.   Although I haven't had any bigger issues vs him on lane (I play Fiora top a lot), I either get kills or just can't kill him. He does insane damage but later he is just...like literally walks around people and deals tons of damage lmao
  13. I hate my normal elo........ or do I?

    I don't know how normal elo works, but I'm a Gold V scrub and I often get matched up vs Diamonds. Could be because I often play with 2 Diamond players, but I also get matched vs high elo when I play solo too. Though I find it extremely fun and good, specially for improving.   Speaking of Challanger, I've never seen one in my games or spoke to one myself. I only saw them on streams and crap... For me they are like a legend ;_;
  14. To all League of Legends players!

    I'm late for the party... D:   But Merry Christmas to you all. May you have tons of kills and good teammates! ;)
  15. What did you guys get for Christmas?

    Got myself Blood Moon Kalista and I received Augmented Singed in my mystery gift...

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