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Small troop

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  1. Jihn, OP or just bloody annoying?

    I usually have no problems with jinh
  2. Small Troop Introduction

    Ohio State Like 9 years ago and my first game was call of duty
  3. Best hiphop artist/ freestyles.

    I like j-Cole, fetty wap, and lil dicky
  4. Prison Break

    the amount of plot twist are brilliant by the writers and how they do it
  5. Prison Break

    One of the best shows ever showed it to my aunt and uncle and they finished it in a week watching it non stop
  6. So basically someone posts a song and you rate the song 1/10 above you and post a song of your choosing and so on. le   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3X_zx8q8_s
  7. Its the best time of year... COLLEGE FOOTBALL

    Whats your guys top 6 (4 in the playoffs and 2 left out)?
  8. Lookin for some Buckeyes. . . just in case OHIO

    Im Ohio too
  9. Small Troop Introduction

    Hello everyone my Irl name is Noah and I am 16 my favorite game I play is Csgo which I am a Legendary Eagle. I have been playing Csgo for a little less then a year. I sometimes play League but I suck at it so its on a rare occasion. Outside of gaming I like to play basketball and go to Ohio State football games. 

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