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  1. Anime

    You've got to add; Parasite maxim, hellsing (the new one or old one.. their both great), Full metal alchemist brotherhood (not overly gory but it has its moments), attack on titan, and you might like Tokyo Ghoul (I didn't). Those are just a few of the top gory anime for me. And I saw you haven't watched the new updated hunter x hunter yet?! WATCH IT. It's not overly gory, but it's a great action packed show.
  2. Bleach

    dat necro doe Lol, I started it and kept dropping it... I finally got past the 10th episode and it's picked up so I'll probably finish it now.
  3. Anime

    Sorry, I don't like talking to others or having others talk over the anime I'm watching :P We could watch the same show just not on each others time if that works for you :P If you like blood and gore I've got some recommendations :P Post your list and I'll see what you've missed!
  4. Is 20 posts too many?

    Haha, the last gaming community I was in requires 100... and there were many there that did not think that was enough. If a community is based on a forum, only people who enjoy a forum setting should apply. If you enjoy a forum setting, 20 posts is a cake walk.
  5. Russian and German tech trees

    Cool! I might have to get back on to check them out.
  6. California?

    Ever heard of Lompoc? :)
  7. Fastest way for making credits?

    The fastest money making method I've found so far is trading.  Nothing comes close to trading.      Try interdicting when you have 10 FPS in supercruise because you have an AMD GPU >_> 
  8. Whats wrong with the other thread? 
  9. Wife's Gaming Rig - Pinkified

    Why pick the A10 if you're going to be using a GPU?  I hope you didn't buy that already :P 

    I absolutely loved the beta.  Will wait for launch reviews and the emergence of any shady bs before I buy though.     I could tell that it appealed to the casual gamer, but it still left much up to skill level. 
  11. Of Mice and... mousepads?

    Still using the OEM dell mouse that came with my xps 8300 desktop from like 6 years ago.  Bought a large logitech mouse pad to go with it.  Works great :) 
  12. Howdy yall.     I'm new here. Looking to change that. My current top games are ED, Battlefield, ARK, and RuneScape.   I'm looking to apply to join the battlefield "Section" for lack of better term, but I still love the other games I listed above and will still be playing those quite a lot.  I'm here to make friends and find a spot to game regularly so don't be shy! Would love to hop in a server with yall and get playing, so shoot me a message whenever and lets get goin!  If you don't message me, don't worry... I'll track you down and invite you.   Little bit about me; I'm currently trying to join the Marines, so when I'm not gaming I'm out training. I love streaming (even though I'm brand new to it), and I'm looking to get into making youtube videos as well. I'm one of the lucky few to have a gaming GF, so you will see her in my streams and videos quite often :P   I'll have my contact info all set up here shortly... Will be in the TS regularly. *insert goat noise here*  
  13. BF4 Razer stats?

    Lol razer keyboards count your key strokes?  Might have to buy one just because of that... >_> 
  14. 2015 ADK Pumpkin Carving Contest

    Cool!  Do we submit them here? 
  15. Addition to the Family

    Wow thanks for that site!  I'm a new gun owner and I was tired of buying .45 acp at cabelas for over 20$ per 50 xD  That 1000 round case for $300 looks mighty appealing ;) 
  16. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Here is a full build guide in detail :) https://pcpartpicker.com/b/wPkTwP https://pcpartpicker.com/b/wPkTwP She's the first computer I ever built... gonna be keeping her for quite some time.      Mine is the set up on the larger desk... my GF gets the little dinky desk to the right, L0L  I haven't taken a pic now that I have my scissor arm installed for my mic... maybe I'll take one tomorrow. 
  17. What do you use to watch Anime?

    I use kissanime.... However, recently they had to move video hosts so they were down for like one month. Just so happens that crunchy roll was offering a free month of premium membership AND you got a free month of lootcrate.    Kissanime went down for a month, I didn't miss any anime, and I got a free loot crate.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me l0l    Kissanime has all the shows I want to watch, in HD, for free. 

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