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Mr Wolf

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Mr Wolf last won the day on June 10 2017

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  • Birthday October 8

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    Sir Wolf

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    likes playing videos games and watching anime also reading Manga .

    Silent Person/Shy /Autism /little antisocial .

    Biological And Creative And Thinks Diffidently Then Other Humans .

    Home Artist and Dark Poet

    Nyctophilia Love of darkness or night finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness , nocturnal

    Favorite Anime is
    1. Monogatari series There Anime and There Anime Movies

    Favorite Manga is
    1. Berserk

    favorite anime waifu List
    Casca "Ellen"
    Hitagi "Tsundere-chan, Gahara-san, Senshougahara-san" Senjougahara
    Mercury, Rory
    Kurumi Tokisaki
    Rachnera "Rachnee" Arachnera
    Mayoi "Hachihachiji, Hachirokuji" Hachikuji
    Suu "Slime Girl"
    Nadeko Sengoku
    Meroune "Mero" Lorelei

    i like Tea and LOVES COFFEE!!!
    favorite food to ate is tiramisu
    games play most is World Of Warcraft, League of legends , Diablo III , Heroes Of The Storm , OverWatch , Destiny 2 pc version

    little Hearthstone

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    Mr Wolf
  • Steam
    Sir Wolf
  • Minecraft
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    EG Shy
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