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Mr Wolf

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  • Birthday October 8

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    Sir Wolf

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    likes playing videos games and watching anime also reading Manga .

    Silent Person/Shy /Autism /little antisocial .

    Biological And Creative And Thinks Diffidently Then Other Humans .

    Home Artist and Dark Poet

    Nyctophilia Love of darkness or night finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness , nocturnal

    Favorite Anime is
    1. Monogatari series There Anime and There Anime Movies

    Favorite Manga is
    1. Berserk

    favorite anime waifu List
    Casca "Ellen"
    Hitagi "Tsundere-chan, Gahara-san, Senshougahara-san" Senjougahara
    Mercury, Rory
    Kurumi Tokisaki
    Rachnera "Rachnee" Arachnera
    Mayoi "Hachihachiji, Hachirokuji" Hachikuji
    Suu "Slime Girl"
    Nadeko Sengoku
    Meroune "Mero" Lorelei

    i like Tea and LOVES COFFEE!!!
    favorite food to ate is tiramisu
    games play most is World Of Warcraft, League of legends , Diablo III , Heroes Of The Storm , OverWatch , Destiny 2 pc version

    little Hearthstone

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    Mr Wolf
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    Sir Wolf
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    EG Shy
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  1. Destiny 2 Open Beta Strarted

    trying out the beta and seeing if it runs and then buy it in sep month which is next month! *o*
  2. Subbed or Dubbed

    @Shadowalker19 pretty reasonable Subbed always better depends the west-turned anime with u.s.a voices , just option Japanese voices actors, much smoother depends on the anime. Story-line is and there characters and what way there played and there plot's and ideas . Good day sir . Mr Wolf .
  3. New Champion Release, Ornn!

    Oh ok *Winks with little giggle * *Turns side steps and turns hes head ever so slightly near hes lift shoulder and glances with hes lift iris , ...* *Slides half of hes icy lips ah part a bit and whispers within relaxing tones, .... smirks a bit * "Your good .... , " *Vanishes into the unknown ... * Ending topic Good day Didn't had any words to say then "your good" the rest was detailed writing . @funkmetal this not rude just very polite and respectful .
  4. New Champion Release, Ornn!

    Best BlackSmith for LoL EVER!!!
  5. wooo Fresh Meat! join us on ADK Wow Guild . so much to do in the game you never get tired of it ! Mr Wolf.
  6. Lets play!

    Very well sir . My hat is off to you . Can respect that . Have good day . Mr Wolf. @Sammy
  7. mr wolf where you been hiding

  8. 6v6 doomfist . have nice day . Liz Mr Wolf.
  9. Hello ADK!

    Hello welcome to the ADK! Some quick links here https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/35-league-of-legends/ and here Trying to get Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls into ADK. Made topic post about2 months ago you can read it , very great game a lot of grinding for gear/exp/leveling/instances , @Melborne have nice afternoon/evening Here link for Our ADK Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/wUrUPTn
  10. Lets play!

    Thank You Sir Light Wolf
  11. Lets play!

    Be going on LoL right now Just give me few mins for it to load .
  12. Lets play!

    Just got back from golf Be logging on LoL when get done with discord . Thank you very much . Talk to you on ADK Discord your online? not then cya have wonderful day! @thelightwolf
  13. Lets play!

    i be waiting your friend request let me know when your online on LoL Pro Support Main 1. Pings on jungles and lanes . 2. Always look at the Mini Map . 3. Already knows each spells the other team going to throw my way even before it happens . 4. I don't use any hack/third party program . 5. Know my stuff been playing LoL for years since season 2 . 6. Played old map/champions when there were only very few champions to pick. 7. Stuck in Bronze 5 Rank . 8. In game name is EG Shy ps. forgot to say always put down wards in game. @thelightwolf Have lovely day
  14. does anyone have a MyAnimeLIst Account ?

    @lgndz @KreckyN i add you guys on there. my name on there is Nikoraasu .

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