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  1. We are having issues on ark pve 1 server i'm not sure who can help. but we need someone that runs ark to help. we are having problems not being able to bring up the map, painting gun, or the paint brush, some of peoples buildings not showing up all the way either.we are on team speak. mr.pig did restart the server. it did not help.if someone can please and thank you.
  2. A new Recruit having issues!

    i had that same problem and now can't remember how it got fixed.
  3. A new Recruit having issues!

    thinking his anti virus is stopping him from creating an account
  4. Hey

    why can't we get our characters that we had uploaded before yall did server wipe? this is on pve1 ark server
  5. Introducing myself

    hello in game pve 1 server ark survival is AngelFire . not sure what all yall want to know.i have learned about the forums from others on ts.and how to become a adk member. i like the game alot. it's fun and people always willing to help n i try to help as much as i can plus to have fun.i think of this game ark survival like way back when the dinos ruled the world before ice age n humans to be on this planet. it's awesome to me to play n tame dinos and see different kinds of animals that ran on earth. i know it's a game but. it's a chance to what the real world was like. this ark survival gives people that chance to see for themself.
  6. Is 20 posts too many?

    i'm doing good now on the 20 posts . and no it's not a bad thing for the 20 posts. I just had to make my own brain work.it actually worked so thank you.
  7. Is 20 posts too many?

    yeah i  totaly agree with you there i thought my brain wouldn;t work which i have never posted anything before on any forums . it's  easy to do now for me.i do read forums which is a very good thing. people should read and do more then there 20 posts.it's not that hard to do.
  8. Is 20 posts too many?

    yeah at first i thought it would be hard for to do the 20 posts but actually i was so wrong. sorry for that ..the 20 posts is enough
  9. Is 20 posts too many?

    i agree i'm having a hard on what to post to make 20 posts. i do way better talking then i do typing
  10. About Myself

    Thank You
  11. About Myself

    i play on adk ark survival evolved pve 1 server. that is the only game i play.if anyone would like to know me better am on ts most of the time. and when the server is up can talk to me in game. my ts name:Elizabeth/AngelFire. in game name:AngelFire.

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