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  1. Server Restarts & Dino Wipes

    I believe this idea is a great one. I have played on servers in the past that used this sort of a system. Those servers worked fine and rarely did problems arise. No matter where we seem to go we can't find the dinos necessary in order to try and fight bosses. People who join the server now are at a disadvantage as dinos that spawned frequently in the beginning stages of the server have now had their spawns taken by hundreds of fish spawns which are completely unnecessary. Another solution to solve the issues of dino wipes is to just throttle the fish spawns. If it is too risky to do dino wipes in fear for the server crashing and getting messed up then just rid the server of the cause of the issues altogether. I, as a long time player of Ark and a player with a hefty bit of time playing with ADK, do very much hope you guys in the staff really look into this and take it into consideration. Every other time we have tried to bring it up you guys get defensive about it saying it causes issues. What do you expect from an early access game? If you guys look into it now and actually consider our concerns then even if you don't do what we ask I will respect your decision. ~F1ery working towards his forum posts to become a full member of ADK
  2. What is your favorite Dino and why?

    I love using the quetz perfect for gathering metal and speed, overall love the platform saddle for it.
  3. I might as well start off telling you my real name. My name is David that's all you need to know. I like to play games, most of the time Ark. I also like to watch Youtube, hang out and just have fun. These are the basic things about me.

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