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    Encinitas, CA
  • Interests
    Bass, Tuba, PC, videogames(kinda rhetorical), and everything music.

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  • PlanetSide 2
  • War Thunder

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    Win 7 x64
  • Mobo
    MSI Z97 gaming 7
  • Processor
    Intel 15-5940k, not OC
  • Graphics
    EVGA GTX970 single card, not OC
  • PSU
    Antec 650w
  • RAM
    Patriot 2x8 clocked@2340
  • Storage
    x1 seagate 2TB
  • Audio
    x1 Steelseries H wireless
  • Monitor
    Samsung TV, yeah I play in bed all day
  • Case
    Raidmax Agusta
  • Peripherals
    keyboard: super generic microsoft thing. Mouse:Logitech G402
  • Speed Test
    it's wireless, so ping spikes and lag all day every day
  1. 2576m HeadShot Today

    aw man, what a coincidence ;) haha, jk what sniper?
  2. favorite Map?

    Mine was OP firestorm cause of how huge and expansive it was, I also love sand and BF3 was my first actual major shooter game
  3. Can This Be Right! ?

    lol yeah, it's a small portion of the reworked dragon valley map
  4. Hardrive died

    That sucks man, ty and I hope to join you in the game soon
  5. Anyone still play this game?

    I want to get into it, but I wish I could have help(not from youtube) in starting up in the game
  6. BF3 is dying

    Idk man, it's kind of hard, maybe after the next battlefield title comes out, nostalgia will kick in and everyone suddenly wants to play BF3  
  7. Was Battlefield 3 better than 4?

    Why would it be better? I kinda think they're the same cause there are some broken mechanics in BF3 and plenty of glitches in BF4, but I kind of am leaning more torwards BF4 for the constant attention from the devs so far out from release   
  8. Best weapon ?

    mine is the M60e4, somehow I can make it work on lockers lol but I just like the extremely low fire rate for some reason Used that thing since MW3 
  9. Hello ADK

    Hi guys, I'm gonna post all the little things about myself here, so.... Name: Jacob "Jaybay" Bayley Age: 17 Most freq. game: BF4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I'm pretty new to gaming, only just being able to upgrade my PC to be able to support such games as BF, and PS2. A few things about myself, the M60 is my favorite gun, I like to be in the back a little more and support my team with suppresive fire, I've been gaming for about 8 yrs. now and my all time favorite game is Halo 3. I also play a variety of other games, so we might have more in common than BF and PS2.   Some of my personal reporiatore is, I play plenty of instruments, huge music lover/nerd, and my favorite band is Greenday and no I don't just listen to Holiday and 21 Guns. I'm a little shy and awkward to communicate with at first, but I love teamwork and having a bit of a laugh, so that's why I want to be apart of this community.    I plan to put more time into PS2, and be able to afford Minecraft, so I can put more variety in my PC. I hope to get more online friends and team play out of this clan.    

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