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  1. Thump's Vacation

    Just a heads up to anyone who may be wondering. I will be absent from March 11-18th of 2016, In that time I wish you all the best of luck and may RnJesus Treat you well. Don't leave me too far in the dust! & Goodluck to everyone!    
  2. Last day of the pre-orders, why not sot show off the gear and see if anyone else want's to buy it! :P Have fun! Valkyre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6Nl8DELxD0   Ranger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCLen1IYh1U   Warrior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5Tbwo_8gWQ Sorceress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h35mOGQxY3w Witch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53ydzc3TDxI Bezerker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWv1IOR7Cf4
  3. Is The Expensive Package worth it?

    I don't see any vital information in your post to explain these accusations or reasons, and what do you mean by quests don't matter? it's all dependent on play style, if you feel as though you know something I don't please do share, I'm very curious to hear why "Is that paying to get into top tier head start still fucks you royally. " And "Head start doesn't matter because a majority of the quests don't matter"  Because this game cannot be done hastily unless you plan on doing purely combat, and never anything else. and even then may penalize you for doing it so hastily.   I realize my post sounds very direct, and almost argumentative, that's not it's intention, I'm very curious to learn more on what you speak of, you sound like you know more than I, and I appreciate any insight you can lend.
  4. Goals for early access/release

    This is one of the first games I've encountered that actually encourages AFK Farming. We may even get the autoloop route feature.
  5. Goals for early access/release

    The amount of money you make will not be limited by early game, only creativity. That's what I love about BDO, I've already got a very set plan for early game and have every intention of having a full guild active within 4 hours or so.   as for starting stuff itself, I suggest not powerleveling to some degree as you will need energy and contribution depending on the route you take. but instead work on as many classes as the slots will permit you, get all of your classes to level 10 (completing the prologue) should only take about 6-10 minutes per class. By that point all the work on your main will be benefiting your alt's maximum Vigor(Energy) and contribution. which the energy will regenerate on all your alts while you play your main. (At a slower rate of course)   Get a hoe & a Pickaxe as soon as possible, hit every rock along the way, everything else isn't important, as the rough stones you get from mining are turned into Blackstone powder which cannot be produced through workers. once you arrive at Veila use whatever contribution points you've mustered and get a house going purchase a lodging or two, get a stable so you can tame some horses before the big influx of people. and then get some nodes nearby to get workers rolling. once you've got some nodes connected bring some of your alts over from Olvia, and idle them at locations. for instance, the stable master in Veila with enough amity will sell you stirrups and other items for your horse, that will be nice for mounted combat early. but requires a lot of amity, so use up your alts energy to get his amity(reputation) up. and from there you'll have free reign to decide the remaining stamina, whether you want to upgrade early nodes, use them to purchase workers. or simply horde it (to some degree) until you get to your next town.    Anyway, The list of things goes on, I've spent the past week doing nothing but research, if you want tips and tricks on early game Silver Farming, just contact me personally or start up a thread regarding it, and I will touch on it there. the amount of information is quite alot, and to jam it into one post is overwhelming, and will look like a bible by the end of it. Best wishes & Seeya out there!, Thump!
  6. So I stumbled across this, and I thought hey! ADK's got some knowledgeable people who use that tube thing :P And we've got quite a group of very experienced individuals who possess the required skills for this, let's see if we can do some of these!   Music video competition - combo of game footage and use of its music, with no other guidelines. The best ones will win statues and t-shirts. Screenshot competition - a picture of your in-game character, specifically on any form of transportation. In-game items to the victors. Guild screenshot competition - same deal, but with as many of your guild-mates as possible in shot. More items.       http://www.pcgamesn.com/black-desert-online/black-desert-online-will-run-in-game-launch-competitions-new-dev-interview-tackles-community-concerns
  7. KEY DATES Feb 2016

    They've changed it, the cash shop will now "be available" at launch.
  8. What will be your first class!?

    Thump again! with a new change, after careful research I've finally got my characters setup. At launch I will be creating Warrior, Ranger, Berzerker, Sorcerer. and leveling them in that order.  If you want to know why I'm doing this or would like any tips for the launch, Please contact me before the 28th of February.
  9. Is The Expensive Package worth it?

    I agree with bullet in terms of the middle one being 'best bang for your buck'. to some degree, Basically you can look at it like this. 30$ Package, Base gives you access. and 24 hours headstart 50$ Package, Gives you 48H headstart - gives you a mid range horse, access to the all so loved "Whistle" to call your pet, and a couple character slots. 100$ Package, is technically a 75$ package and most people don't realize that. you're paying 25$ to get 48 hours on top of EVERYONE else, before the servers flood, before 'shit hits the fan' but what you're also getting for 25$ more, is a full costume set that no one else will EVER be able to acquire after the 3rd of march. Which to me, and any other serious players, is a big one, if you look at this way, most of the in game costumes as it sits will range between 31-35$ so you're paying 25$ for a costume that NO latecomers will ever have access to.. so that's pretty gold IMO.   At the end of the day, 50$ will get you most of the stuff, aside from the BIG un-aquirable cosmetic. and it's all about preference at that point, or how much you really care for it. Considering the CBT2 is closed, anyone at this point isn't going to get the benefits of "Master Baiter" title, or the additional Loyalty points for doing the events during CBT1 or CBT2.
  10. I'd like to get some feedback from those of us who are going to be playing BDO, and find out how many Hardcore players we will actually have?   I've come to realize in a game like this it's going to be very group/guild oriented, and I'm terrified to see ADK get washed away by the people who are truly dedicated.   I for one will be spending an absolutely absurd amount of time in this game upon it's release, due to recent employment changes, I will have more than enough time to play. and study the inner workings.   So I ask you, Will you be a casual player? (3-5 times a week, less than 4 hours?)   Or will you be a hardcore player? (5-7 Days a week, 4+ hours per day "When available")?       And for those hardcore players out there, Are you willing to do everything possible to make ADK great? Recruit/Progress/MASTER? Because at this point I'm feeling very alone in this, and I want to know what to expect. I would love to see ADK truly THRIVE. Will you help?  

    @[member='Osiris'] Hey Ben, Great to meet you. Glad to see another face into Elite:Dangerous, You're in great hands with the gang over there! Feel free to give @[member='BookD20'] a hard time for me:P. If you need anything at all feel free to ask. I look forward to meeting you!
  12. Hey Guys

    @[member='DscrdDrconequus'] Welcome!, I love seeing new faces rolling around the CS:GO section, I hope you have an awesome time here. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask!
  13. Thanks for having me!

    @CamsCheezid  Welcome! you've started off in a great division! @[member='BookD20'] @Kaffiend @[member='Phantom_Cruze'] And the rest of the gang over there are some really great fellows, and should be able to help with almost anything you need! If you're an MMO type you should look into BDO, Black Desert Online, official release drops March 3rd, Anywho! Enjoy your stay! if you need anything Hit me up! :)
  14. Tally, Hardcore vs Casual

    I hope you are very active soviet, I look forward to seeing you out there.
  15. Tally, Hardcore vs Casual

    I respect your answer, and I hope to god we don't become one of those "Run around Calpheon spamming (ADK RECRUITING)" In this type of game we need to strive for active and worthy players, not just numbers. This is not WoW, with 100 player cap. we need to be smart.   And I too will be looking for a very active role in the guild, with what I saw during the CBT2, I can only hope the official release will not yield the same results in terms of activity, The guild itself wasn't even setup until the last few hours of the last day, leaving me to wonder how it will be during the official release.     Thank you for your feedback Phantom_Cruze, I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.
  16. VG 24/7 Beta key giveaway

    Giveaway Now Ended.
  17. What will be your first class!?

    If anyone tracks down or hears any additional information regarding the "Blader" Character, please let me know. I've done quite a bit of research and it seems there's speculation that they will be releasing it for the official release, and claims that it will not be released to NA at all.     Also, I am no longer starting off as a ranger, I'll be selecting sorceress until Blader is an option:P
  18. Hope you get a key Spyder!   And I will definitely be streaming this aswell.
  19. What will be your first class!?

    I was almost sure about Ranger, But I'm torn between Valkyrie & Tamer aswell.
  20. Canada eh?

    Ottawa here, It's sad these types of things always turn into sports whining. Lol
  21. Canada

    Ottawa here:). Gotta love the ontarians!
  22. Introduction

    Welcome! :) Hope you're enjoying yourself so far! I happen to enjoy H1Z1 From time to time, perhaps we'll see eachother at some point!:)
  23. Good evening/afternoon/morning, If you're reading this you've stepped into "Thumpz Enchanted Emporium" And I'd like to thank you for stopping by, I've seen too many of these forced flyby introductions and as such i'd like to spice it up. To start I'd like to inform anyone and everyone, if there is a particular question you'd like to ask of me, please just ask, I'm quite open and haven't a problem telling you what you'd like to know. With some discretion of course. So. Let's get started, Shall we? At Thumpz Enchanted Emporium, We sell a WHOLE lot of fun. We have daily deals on humor.   Okay enough with the creepy third person marketplace. My name is Brody, Everyone calls me Thump, I Prefer it:P I'm a bartender by night, Streamer/Gamer by day. I grew up on Battlefield 1942, Used to absolutely love that game, Played a few of the battlefields since, But haven't got into battlefield 3/4 due to the browser launch, not really my thing:P I also enjoy anything involving Zombies/Survival/Crafting/Open World, I also absolutely love any variation of Tactical FPS, Such as insurgency/CS:GO(Comp) Etc, and i'm desperately looking for new games, I love dungeon crawlers, and quite a few more genres. Please feel free to let me know if you know of a game I might like! :P   I'm pretty friendly, and socially fueled, I don't care very much for single-player games, they have to REALLY entertain me for me to be remotely interested, I love the social element involved with online gaming, meeting new people, working together etc.. Uh, in case you haven't learnt by now I'm absolutely terrible with grammar. I Usually game later in the evening, or early in the day. depending on the workweek. you'll rarely see me on between 4-12pm EST
  24. Forum Help Please!

    I'm baffled, and intend fully to keep up to date with the replies on this thread because I'm almost sure there is a way to connect or compile a list of edits into one completed thread, that does not involve the re-creation of it. I feel as though I've done it before, and seen it. I just cannot recall how.  I have every intention of making extended threads aswell and that's pretty valuable information.

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