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  1. 'Ello Im Loly :3

    Shortstuff grow up!  *All pun intended*
  2. I am new so be gentle with my body

    @[member='SageSennin'] lol Im not threatening you, Im just saying hi
  3. I am new so be gentle with my body

    Gentle is my first name, man is my last.  That being said I am not a gentleman, so welcome to ADK, and be prepared for anything at any given time!  I also would be careful getting out of the shower, Ive seen some good pranks where they grease the floor and youll go for a magical carpet ride :)
  4. Kageblood Intro

    Heres a huge homo smexual... welcome to the klan eh bud
  5. Sad Ranked Games

    @[member='RomeoCotex'] In ranked I am 100% calm, I have all-chat disabled, and I don't participate in team banter.  I keep my chatter to myself until after the game is over and we're looking at the score board.  I understand when I am behind, and I don't make desperate plays.  Instead, I try to stall team fights as long as possible and try to get back into the game with farm and solo exp.   @[member='Phreaktaco'] like I stated, I know I am not #1 NA, but I am better than the rank I am currently stuck at.  Do I unintentionally f*ck up a game or two that really matters?  Absolutely, but I can confidently say that in my last 25 ranked games, that is over the span of maybe two months.  I play a lot of classic because losing every f*cking ranked game is demoralizing and really p*sses me off.   Last season, I went 2-8 in promos and was put in bronze 5 when the previous season I was silver 2.  When you looked at my 10 ranked games, I had 8 blitzcrank games *All 8 losses* with an average score of 6-4-13.  I know call me crazy for stating stats from last season, but they stick with you when you get upset about the petty sh*t you get put through.  Literally everyone in my promo games intentionally feeds in an attempt to get put at the lowest ELO they can so they can whoop on people in Bronze.  They are ALWAYS on my team.   I'm not asking for someone to duo que with me and carry me out of silver 5 0 LP.  I am asking for people willing to duo que with me that I can trust aren't going to grief.  Intentionally feed, be toxic from pregame till score summary, afk/feed, and just generally ruin the fact that I play games to have fun.  I have to pray that 4 other teammates every game are going to give it their all and we are going to win.  Getting a duo que knocks that number down to 3.  Maybe with 3 randoms instead of 4, I will have mathematically 25% less feeders, and 100% more guaranteed positive/winning attitudes.   Am I a salt dog?  Yes, but that isn't the reason I can't get anywhere in ranked.  My issue is when I play someone like Leona this season.  I have 10 games played, and I am 3-7.  My average score is 2.4-6.8-16.3.  The score is pretty good in my eyes because of the negative record.  If I was 5-5, I would expect closer to a 5 deaths/game as well as slightly higher assist/kill per game as well.
  6. Hi im Disturbed

    Do you believe in magic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDYNuD4CwlI
  7. Forum Help Please!

    Thank you!
  8. Forum Help Please!

    Thanks for the response @[member='QQtiePie'].  Does that change if I am accepted as an ADK Member?
  9. Forum Help Please!

    I am confused why I can edit some of my posts but not others.  For instance, I cannot edit a post I made less than 12 hours ago, but I can edit follow up posts made in the same time frame.  That being said there are other follow up posts I have made that are also not possible for me to edit.  I have plans on making a thorough post that will take several days to finalize and my first post I cannot edit.  Can you maybe delete the post and I'll re-create the thread when I finalize it on notepad or something please?   http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/130512-czy-a-brief-history-to-alcohol/
  10. Sad Ranked Games

    Ok I couldn't add you @TheRealAlec as that name doesn't seem to exist on the NA server.
  11. LGA 2011 socket users, rejoice!

    You're crazy, I'm waiting for prices to go down on the newer series of CPUs MoBos and RAM.  As it is I have 4x8gb 2167MHz ram, but the future is here. DDR4 exists, but is way too god d*mn expensive for me.  Whenever prices get reasonable, I'll be getting one of the new MoBos that run DDR4, and there will be a different series of sockets by then too.  Nothing against the z97 chipset, but I want a reasonably priced x87 chipset instead.  For those of you who don't know what I mean by z97 and x87, it's just a series of chipsets, and X > Z series.  The new series uses different sockets, and lots of them have room for DDR4 ram on the MoBo.  Just something to think about if you're throwing a lot of money into a computer.  It's not that it will be outdated any faster, it's that if you want to upgrade your computer any time in the future, you'll be forced to buy outdated parts to upgrade it with.
  12. Sad Ranked Games

    Teams too heavy!  I need to start duo queing with people because at least then I have a prayer in hell that I'm not going to have a game ruined by one child having a hissy fit cause mommy didn't breast feed them.  5-1-17 Sejuani Loss.  Other teams Veigar was just feeding off of our Azir who fed first blood before the 1 minute mark.  1500 AP late game and their whole team still couldn't do sh*t to me, but when you play pure potato, you do pure potato damage and they ended up just ignoring me and taking base/nexus.  I think at the end of the game, it was like 27-50ish with their veigar at 23/24 kills. That's just one example of my bad luck recently.  I have maybe 5 wins in my last 25 games played in ranked.  I'm not the worlds greatest player of all time, but I'm better than where I'm stuck currently.  Silver 5.  If anyone wants to play some games with me add "SLP Czy"
  13. Of Mice and... mousepads?

    Your problem may not lie in your mouse/mousepad but in your settings.  As a counter-strike player one of the biggest things you can do to increase accuracy is to disable the mouse acceleration.  You can download the CPL Mouse Fix, or one of a thousand other small files that do the exact same thing.  If you are confused about what exactly I am talking about, mouse acceleration is the way your computer handles the movement of the mouse.  If you disable mouse acceleration and you quickly flink your wrist from point A to point B, the mouse will move at X speed initially and ramp up to a speed >X.  This means that if you move your wrist enough slowly to do exactly a 180 in a first person shooter, you may now do a 270 by flicking your wrist the exact same distance.  Get a fix and you can solve this issue.   I am using a Steel Series Sensei as my mouse and it is the greatest gift god has ever blessed upon gamers.  It has that old school feel of the optical mice, but it's laser, and it comes with a braided cord.  It also has profiles built into it allowing extreme modifications to how the mouse behaves.  You have 10 profiles, and each profile has two or three DPI settings *Which you can manually set*.  The cool thing about these extra profiles is that you can use your mouse for extreme modifications to the point where if you want to draw a straight line vertically or horizontally, it will automatically adjust out any unpure movements along the x and/or y axis to move perfectly straight in a specific direction.  There are roughly 10 of these settings allowing you to really customize your mouse, and it even has LED build into the wheel as well as the body of the mouse and when you are modifying your profile, you can change the colours to whatever you want.  I'm not talking 10 preset colours, but like the entire HEX Code, so you can get whatever hue you want.  If you are worried about the DPI, it has a boad range of DPI.  It doesn't jump in preset numbers, but you can set it down the the exact DPI you want for example 783.  The range gets as low as 400 and as high as 11700.  Overall this is the best mouse I have ever used.  The RAT is cool in the sense that you can customize the feel of the mouse, but the Sensei is superior in the sense that you can customize the programming/functionality of the mouse.  As for a pad, the QCK+ pads are amazing, but I went with hard pad with a "tracking design" built into it for greater accuracy in tracking. If you want to talk about any computer hardware, I may be the person to talk to, especially when it comes to headsets.  Currently I am rocking the Sennheiser Game Zeros.  They cost me a perdy penny but Sennheiser in general is so worth it, and this particular headset has yet to let me down, and quite honestly I don't see it ever doing so.
  14. Introduction I have had an opportunity to make a brief post introducing myself, but I feel like this is a better opportunity for me to talk about something very important to me, and that is my story in the service industry.  If you are interested in getting into the service industry or are looking to broaden your horizons with alcoholic beverages, please stick around for the read.  This post will be fairly long so bare with me as it will take several days for me to complete.     Background   The first thing you need to know is that I love going out to the bars, meeting new people, trying new drinks, and just generically the social atmosphere surrounding it.  I have learned a lot between both hosting and being a patron, and it has sculpted who I am today.  I started bartending back when I was 18, and to give you perspective I am now 27 years old.  I was working at a Golf & Country Club over on the banquet side doing lots of weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, birthday parties, and members events such as golf tournaments.  My favourite part of the job was working the weddings.  We had a lot of leeway there and did a lot of things most jobs won't let you do but I'll get into that later.  After realizing how much i liked bartending for weddings, I got myself a job at a Winery where we focused primarily on weddings.  There was lots of new things to learn getting a job at a new place that did lots of things differently, and the best part of getting that second job was learning the hard way which things are more efficient than others.  I also went ahead and got myself into bartending school to pick up on any things that I didn't already know.  As much as I thought I knew about the bar, and as far ahead as I was of my fellow classmates, I still managed to pick up enough valuable material to make myself better at what I do, as well as realizing just how much that little bit of extra experience and the certificate they give you helps in finding future jobs.  Tips on how to better find a job will be coming later as well.  I stayed here for a while, and as much as I learned about the job and how to personally improve on my skills, I found out the hard way that management is something huge to look into when you are finding a job in the hospitality industry.  If you have a chance to do your homework and find out from someone who already works at a place you are interested in working at what the management is really like I strongly advise you do that as management was the reason I moved from this job into the job I currently attain.  I work as a server/bartender at a recreational facility.  It is a large building with bowling, ping pong, laser tag, arcade games, pool, a bar and lounge, and a sit down restaurant.  it was extremely hard for me to get my foot in the door, but when I finally was in, I haven't looked back.  The staff is amazing, the patrons are excellent, and the management is to die for.  Not to mention the actual job itself as well as the extra duties are very well refined and far from remedial.   MORE TO COME TOMORROW.  IT IS OFFICIALLY 4:30AM AND I NEED TO CATCH SOME SLEEP!
  15. What makes you smile?

    Some things that make me smile... When I see a smiley face in my poop.  When my Alphaghettis spell out a dirty word.  When "Street Justice" is attained.  When I get home from work and there is still beer in the house.  These are just a few things.

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