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  1. Current PTR rune lists for RMT!

    The new rune sets. All new rune sets will only be 3 power and gear will have a max of 3 rune slots ( this is only on ilvl 130 and higher)
  2. One Word at a TIme

  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dJE2vQJq9hLsAF2TDfJFo-SV-qwiwWOh7F24wb2BGHA/edit#gid=0 Keep in mind this info is due to change since it is on the PTR.
  4. AFK

    Aight man take it easy and good luck out there.
  5. Getting Runed for Raading

    Don't worry we got the Tri age
  6. GAME UPDATE NOTES - 18 May 2016

    One of the issues not all of them sadly
  7. https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/151557-game-update-notes-18-may-2016/ General Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the client to crash. The Exit Window is no longer shown when switching characters while in a sanctuary zone. Content Arcterra Pure Soulfrost should now only be awarded to the individual opening the Secret Stash during the Frozen Finds event. Dungeons Ultimate Protogames Bev-O-Rage Fixed an issue that was causing Bev-O-Rage to have less Interrupt Armor than intended while casting Carbonated Destruction. User Interface Addons Account Inventory The Account Inventory now lives directly inside the Store. The Account Inventory will now only house account bound items (Items that already exist in your Account Inventory will keep their previous functionality until they are all claimed down). Store Gifts are no longer able to be returned to the gifter. Purchased items are now either directly sent to your inventory or immediately applied to your account (in the case of currency or account unlocks). Gifting is now done directly within the Store, and will now be sent directly to your friends’ in-game mailbox.
  8. Is that you Lumi

    No one can take the Lumi Sigh that be trademarked!
  9. Getting Runed for Raading

    Of course we must rewrite the language!
  10. warrior tanking drop 7 build

    Well if you need a hand and if Wilber isn't around I would be willing to help out.
  11. One Word at a TIme

  12. One Word at a TIme


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