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  1. Pls tell me this is fake

    To be honest that is 100% real. There are a lot of people on the planet who are just plain dumb or ignorant. Some of them can't help it, others just put their own logic into their head, refuse to listen, or believe anything they hear. And the worst of them all, the spoiled brats who are straight up Billy Madison.
  2. Presidential Race 2016

    I do not side with either political party, I'll keep it dumbed down like that for people who don't know the term. Honestly I think that Clinton has a little more power over Trump since Trump is known as a goon, and a Clinton has been in office before. Honestly I am more concerned about KanyaForPres2020. That would be bad.
  3. If you could.....

    I wouldn't mind having a super power that let me always know what the outcome would be of a cs:go game. So I could go all in for whatever team would win.
  4. Yo Whats up - Mishka

    I think you mean it was fun joining and knifing people with scouts.
  5. What do you like?

    Honestly I'm into all sorts of music but I could listen to rap over and over again. I listen to all rap mostly so it depends on different songs not artist.   Although my favorite song as of now is "You & Me" - Flume.
  6. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    I personally got my sleeves removed due to them being about my life and basically a cluttered mess crime scene and they just brought back painful memories.   My girlfriend wants me to get a tattoo again I just haven't made a design I would like yet.
  7. Favorite Gif?

  8. What makes you smile?

    I love that awkward sensation when you walk into a room and get hit instantly by that joyful smell of febreze.
  9. Yo Whats up - Mishka

    Name: Mishka Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SspartyHail/ Country: United States Age: 18 Favorite game(s): CS:GO // Love 3rd Person Open worlds such as GTA, And any Tom Clancy Occupation: Car customs Hobbies: Playing computer, skateboarding, driving, and drawing. More info:   I'm on (almost) every day clocking into my comp at 3:30=4:30pm and getting off around 2:30 or 4:00am. (its a vicious cycle)   I'm usually open to play anything unless I'm fucking around with my home boys in a comp.  Anything on my game list on steam I can play, and I also have a xbox one. (sold the 360 rip skate3/skate2)  Xbox One Nametag: Xx Wizzow xX  ^^ Thats some optic faze stuff right there boy.

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