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  1. How's it goin :)

    1. Emmiex3


      It's going good! and with you?

    2. Dev4station


      Just getting a h1z1 European squad up and running 

  2. It is to join your server
  3. Hello Im Chris!

    Welcome @[member='chrisol92']! I have never played League of Legends but I've heard good things. Hope to see you in the h1z1 section! 
  4. Welcome me

    thank you love, @[member='Sepii']! Glad you did it
  5. DemonAngel was here!

    Nice to meet you! what are your favorite kinds of books?
  6. Hey there everyone!

    Hey everyone! My name is Margaret, but I go by Emmie. I'm 22yr old and From FL. Yes, I know, I will have a jersey accent hahaa. I'm an art buff. I'm a huge painter, drawer, and have been getting into digital art.   You'll mostly find me on H1z1 or CSGO :3. I heard about ADK through friends I had met on here and you guys seem really chill & I would like to be apart of it! 

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