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    Windows x64 8.1
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    MSI Z97-G45 Gaming LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
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    Intel Core i5-4690K Devil's Canyon Quad-Core 3.5 GHz LGA 1150
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    GIGABYTE Radeon R9 290
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    CORSAIR HX Series HX750 750W
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    CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3
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    Haf 912
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    Razer Naga
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  1. What do you like?

    Well, crazy? Can't honestly say. I watch a crap ton of "Let's play" stuff. Direwolf20 is a big one for me. Atm I am watching his Lets play Space Engineers
  2. What do you like?

    A secret menu? That has to be hard for business
  3. What do you like?

    Journey is my all time favorite band, I mainly listen to 60-80's music. I always listened to it with my father growing up and I've just become used to it. 
  4. What do you like?

    I love surpreme pan pizza from pizza hut w/ mountain dew of course
  5. Food Madness

    What food totally disgusts you? You can not believe that people really truly eat them. (Has to be eaten by a good part of the country or region you live in, So people in Indiana can't say bugs)     For me, Its Brussels Sprouts. The smell of them is enough to drive me away. I feel like blowing chunks when i'm around them.  
  6. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Stir fry steak and rice with mountain dew or Pepsi to drink.
  7. Morse code.. That's definitely unique. Did you know that morse code was on of the major reasons the north won the civil war?
  8. Any Hoosier's?

    You guys are kidding?! Your in the fort?!?! I live like 4 minutes from Jefferson Pointe. I used to live in auburn but moved to Fort Wayne after I graduated school. (Dekalb High School) 
  9. favorite TV Show

    This is hard as I don't watch much TV. Although I would have to say my personal favorite TV show would have to be Bones, by FOX.    Having a crime show that actually shows science (While not 100% accurate) with humor and addressing modern day issues, or trends. Its a wonderful show. Sadly, Fox is hinting that the show will be ending soon. Sooper Sad Face
  10. What makes you smile?

    I'm weird in this, but I day dream about the wonders of the universe being at my doorstep. Just thinking about whats out there makes me smile.    I also love thinking about the future. Where technology will take me. 
  11. Hey! I exist!

    I can't believe it took this long for someone to mention SOMEONE from the original trilogy.  Yoda doesn't count as he in 5 of the movies. (All but A New Hope)    I don't actually know much about Han besides for what is mentioned in the movies. I do although know that he names his son Anakin, but hated him after he was indirectly responsible for Chewbacca's death. 
  12. avengers: age of ultron

    I was sooo disappointed when jarvis was thought to be dead... Like litteral tears of pain and darkness...
  13. Hey! I exist!

    Little thing about the good general. He was on a shuttle flying at l 9 w altitude when the sepratists had the shuttle destroyed. Wounding grevious badly. He was then approached by Count Dooku offering him a spot as general of the robot army.
  14. Hey! I exist!

    Yoda, Grand Master Jedi and king of syntax. Did you know Yoda experienced a lot of trouble becoming a Jedi?
  15. The Evolution debate

    My thoughts on this topic,    I put alot of trust into science, even though it is constantly being proven wrong. Look at history, Before Darwin, A french scientist whos name I cannot remember, claimed that species could evolve in a single lifetime, people believed in him for 50 some odd years till a little nobody called Charles came forth and said "You idiot.. Look at this!", and even then people were not believing Darwin.    Until a new theory arises (If one does) I will continue to believe Evolution. Creation of Man is just another arm of religion. It provides a explanation for the unexplainable. I don't have much faith in religion ever since I devoted myself to science. I have nothing against religion or its followers though, but who knows.. One day people might look back on evolutionists and call us idiots. 

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