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    Gaming is my only interest

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    Windows 7
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    Asus Ranger II
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    i7 4790k
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    GTX 980ti
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB
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    1 SSD and one 2TB HDD
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    i have a 32 inch and an ASUS 24 inch
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  1. So my I bought a new PC Build a couple weeks ago, I was playing Squad last night completely fine and i wake up this morning to turn on the computer  and i receive no response other than the Keyboard, Mouse and lights on the Motherboard lighting up.   So im wondering if there's anything i can do to fix or will i need to replace it.
  2. Hello im Grievezo

    Thank you @Kmil87
  3. Hello im Grievezo

    haha thank you gentlemen for the excitement to hear me rage :D
  4. Your fav MMO-RPG?

    Currently i would have to say SWTOR but my all time favourite would be Archeage just because of the ability to level your character in so many different ways.
  5. Ive been playing in the Beta for a couple of days ive gotta say its an extremely enjoyable Tactical FPS which i must say has huge potential in Competitive gameplay.
  6. Hello im Grievezo

    Hello my name is Jordan Grieve or Grievezo as you will call me in-game, I mostly play FPS Games Like CSGO but recently been playing Siege and Squad 2 new games both in BETA and Alpha.   More personal info   I am 19 years old and Live in Scotland>Britain.   I am usually online all weekend and during the week after 5pm when i get home from work.     thats all there is to know about me so hopefully il see you guys on the Battlefield wherever it may be!   :stormtrooper:

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