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  1. hey my name is Cameron or Nibet

    yes it is haha everyone that coments on this post are now poets
  2. Hello Everybody and How You Been?

    welcome to the community friend... [Insert over used skyrim joke here]
  3. Hello from InHu.PINGdingDONG

    hello and welcome to the community my friend if you ever want to play some Dota hit me up, I havnt played in a long time though
  4. Its A Me BreH

    hello and welcome What kinda games do you like? 
  5. Hi Everyone ^^

    welcome to the community. Do you have a specific genra of anime you like to watch?
  6. Fatality's INTRO!

    hello and welcome to the community and if u already havnt then you should check out our Teamspeak

    welcome to your true home and i hope we could play some games together  
  8. Welcome to ADK if u have SWTOR im willing to play it with u if u want
  9. Dank

    Hello friend and welcome if you ever get SWTOR hit me up ill gladly join u
  10. Hey im jackson

    Hello and welcome to the community if you ever decide to play Swtor hit me up
  11. Snuff introduction

    hello snuff and welcome to the community we should play swtor together one day 
  12. Howdy! ^,^

    hello and welcome to the community there are lots of fun and interesting people haha
  13. Hail Travelers.

    hello chaos and welcome to the community 
  14. Introducing of the one and only

    welcome to the community Derick. You know french haha nice i tried taking a class for it but i ended up falling way behind everyone else and the teacher eventually stopped giving me work but hey at least I tried.
  15. Hey! I exist!

    hello hello hello and welcome to the community. My fav star wars character would have to be Han Solo.

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