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  1. TrackIR v TrackNOir ?

    Im guessing this topic is covered here somewhere . Built phat rig with mahoosive power . Holding off on VR as i don't feel its really matured for the investment price enough for example the StarV - that baby has way more field of vision and higher res 800 bux for set right now with vive and occulus seems to be way over priced for me . So looking at the Track IR - again too pricey when i plan to go VR in a year . the TrackNOir systems look do-able wondering if anyone is using that and what cam they are using for face recognition ? i do understand fully the caveats with no ir . Anyone got good track IR kit prices advise or setups they could advise upon ?
  2. Is this game good?

    Get the 1980's version its way better .
  3. Who wrote the Book ? awesome TLDR only problem is Too long didn't read. teee hee nice one my man didn't wanna sit through all of that for this list.
  4. ADK Gamer's Speedtest.NET Speedwave

    I have an MTU of over nine thousand ! My email addy is over9000mtu@gmail.com .
  5. NAS System

    I built my NAS for 400 euro ?? it outclasses and out ranks any home solution in every department , saying its a dead technology is s alittle nieve if you ask me .  OP askled about raid config ? Riad tech was engineerd for enterprise and it filtered then to home use.  Why would he not want enterprise perfromance ? Ok dont use raid at all . If you think the masses all have XP and NT on a large scale then i would love to know where you see that . I work with datacenters on gloabl level daily and yes there are some areas where the software cannot be allowed moved due to no new versions of the software or not able to run in on cloud  or on newer OS types - for licensing reasons or whatever . To say the world still runs that on a mass scale is  silly . Nasa ISS and some pats of UK have special extended licensing and support cover but the new OS types outweigh the old more so on a massive scale.   We are not talking about millions here we are talking about pitence and one nas with two disks ? your generalisations seema  bit loose to me here. Sorry.
  6. NAS System

    Nas by the way is not old school technology practically every single global enterprise employs petabytes of data every hour housed in NAS server racks . Vsan and SSD are Still used in NAS .
  7. Energy Efficency tips

    Tried , Wake on lan where you send magic packet to modem then boom she wakes up ( requires home router that supports static ARP to work properly) , or possibly speed stepping in the bios to allow voltage tweak down when its idle , windows has tonnes of power managment options to allow the pc turn off various items after defined periods of times.
  8. Why am I using all my Processing power?

    Possibly your Disk IO is terrible and pushing more queue to ram or cpu ? start/run/Perfmon is a great way to see in realtime the IO metrics if you look to yor C: drive for values for physical disk and add counters for avg disk read queue and avg disk write queue , if its spiking above 70 % then your disk IO may need separation for games , pagefile , video record , .................. (Graph will show you in realtime what is going on ) 
  9. XBMC, Kodi, etc

    I have used the very first versions of xbmc way back when it started on the first hacked xbox platform , today i use it on wnidows , Pi, Lini, Adnroid , but i have not really needed to use the addons as i use a nas freenas , Sickbeard and usenet i would have setup as jails on the freenas if i was to use them . Central backend on mysql sounds cool enough for media and schema setups ?    I take it you want one central storage and download extract / unpar repository and central DB for all devices on lan and external ?
  10. Temp is way to hot . Use Arctic silver heat paste its silver based as opposed to silicon and the only thing i would ever put near a cpu . Your clips falling off the heat-sink and being able to re-affix them, are you sure they are applying adequate pressure for heat transferal ?.
  11. Me Bliss! ME go Bang !

    Metasploit Kali , All the wifi stuff , Pinapples jeasegers, Poisoning , Mantra , Modding , OCing, .......... the usual stuff and a lil bit of modem cloning and pen testing type play times . Ex VMware Escalation Eng . At the pewters since i was 12. 
  12. Hyper threading

    Watch this space windows 10 and DX 12 bringing full core usage on future titles . I run on a dual core cpu just for the same reasons you point out , I dont see the value of i7 when no game uses all the cores . My system runs 8GB of Ram duo core cpu and a 2GB DDr 5 Graphics card and nothing out there phases it on full HD gaming. Much cheaper to get a board that will support an i7 and only when games are written to take advantage of DX12 will i move and when that happens current i7 prices will have dropped 50%. :-) 
  13. NSA , China, Russia , Korea , naaa we dont need no internet security damit.
  14. Problems Playing Star Wars movies on my XPS Laptop

    As its only happening for a specific set of Discs i would not blame config of the machine or mem or any of that . Possibly the DVD rom optic is on the way out and as these disks are nice new and shiny they could be sending higher level of reflection back into the laser lens causing jitters or lag.  IF you can get hold of an external dvdrom or pop one from a dekstop pc into a caddy as test you can verify bypassing local dvd rom drive and verifying if rest of pc is not at fault. the fact others play fine tells me its the drive . Potentiometer tweaks on dvd lens can be done but if your doing that its already dying.  Also test kodi as a media player ( IT has a world of cool stuff too) Google genisis for kodi :-).
  15. Alienware or XPS?

    Self build is the way to Go as Alienware are basically Dell machines and unless you hand pick the parts from Dell site it'll be filled with over priced garbage . As others have stated there's no build like a self build .

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