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  1. I already have a Thrustmaster Hotas setup and started messing around with Voice Attack last night.  Voice Attack with command feedback really adds to the game.
  2. anyone else playing with the Oculus?

    I figure in the next year or so we will see someone release a good VR headset.  Once there is some kind of finished product, I am sure I will get it.
  3. New gun range near me

    Going to check this out today, first day open to the public :)  It is like 10min from where I live.   http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/New-luxury-gun-club-opens-Friday-in-Frisco-233522161.html  
  4. Battlefield 4 and its life cycle!

    I am right there with you.  I have been having a blast with the game.
  5. Battlefield 4 and its life cycle!

    Being buggy as hell on release has become one of the expected 'features' of the battlefield series.

    Would be nice to have an admin plugin where you could mark custom "out of bounds" areas on maps.
  7. BF4 - No Explosives Servers - 11/6

    The loosing team does drop at the end, but it is always full on the next round.
  8. BF4 - No Explosives Servers - 11/6

    Been playing a bit on the No EX server in the past few days.   I don't really think it needs an admin.  The funny thing I have noticed is the the people that gripe about base rape, hackers, not being able to use nades etc, never leave!   I saw one guy griping about a player that was 40/0.  He kept saying how the other player must be hacking, but never left.  I came back maybe 4 hours later and they were both still there :)   It seems to me that the people that love the meat grinder servers love them enough to stick around no matter what.
  9. What's your occupation?

    My local defcon group tried to do the hash cracking comp, but had issues with the app we came up with to control the servers that were going to be running hashcat etc.   The crash and compile seems like it would be fun :)
  10. What's your occupation?

    It also gets me a paid trip to Defcon :)
  11. Who has kids.

    2 girls.  7 and 12.  Uggh..  Not looking forward to the teenage years.
  12. What's your occupation?

    I am a white hat hacker for a payment processing company.  Getting paid to learn how to hack is a job of dreams :)
  13. I so wish I had the video processing power to do that!
  14. TDM is fun!

    Ok, so being an old school BF4 player, I have always been all about conquest.  Anyway, just a little while ago, I decided to jump in and help get the TDM server populated.   As the map was loading, I was thinking, "this map looks very small"  Once I was in and started running around killing, reviving etc, I found out how much fun it is to just play and not worry about any stinkin flags.   :)   Anyway, I am sure you will see more of me in the TDM server.   Cya,   Mugzy
  15. Love the soundfx.   Hate that I die so much  :angry:

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