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  1. Nightcrawler

    I thought it was an interesting movie, but it didn't seem to have much depth to it. It was just him progressively becoming more and more extreme in his filming.
  2. Jurassic World

    Was planning on watching it in theaters but never got the time to. Heard it was way overhyped from friends though.
  3. Prison Break

    Watched that years ago. I remember after season 1 it kind of started going downhill, but I had to keep watching because the original plot was so good. And Sarah Wayne Callies haha
  4. What is your favorite breakfast?

    Skillet that has hash browns on the bottom, hella meat in it, cheese on top, with some eggs. And of course, ketchup on the side.
  5. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    These are the only foods I have available for me when I game usually, but they're still good: cookies pizza rolls mixed nuts
  6. If you could only have ONE meal, what would it be?

    Sushi for sure. Could eat it every day and there so many different types of sushi out there.
  7. Steaks

    Medium rare. Get some basil, garlic, olive oil and oregano on it cooked on a grill.
  8. Favorite soda/pop?

    Either a nice ice cold coke or ginger ale. Depends on the mood.
  9. Who Likes Fried Chicken

    Better question is who doesn't like fried chicken ;)
  10. Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    I really want to like spicy food, but it hurts my mouth too much and I can't continue eating it.
  11. Workout music

    Run the jewels 2 is a pretty angry album that usually gets me pumped.
  12. Fetty Wap, is he a rap legend

    Nah, only reason why people like him is because of the beats in the background, probably not the actual rap.
  13. Hi

    Hi, it's hexanite. I'm ranked MGE, started a few months ago. I play fairly often so I'm online a lot. CSGO is pretty much the only game I play rn, and I'm just trying to continue getting better

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