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  • Birthday 04/25/1986

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    Surfing, fishing, gaming, tech talk, pc building, football, and making new friends

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    lunch_box1986 or shaneclipse97
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    asus crosshair v formula-z
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    amd 9590 5ghz
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    780 ti ghz edition highly moded with kraken g10 water cooling adapter beats out every 980 ive run it against in this machine
  • PSU
    evga nova 1000w gold cert
  • RAM
    16 gb g skill ripjaw @1866
  • Storage
    180gb ssd 1 > 2 2tb sshd in raid 0 > 1 1tb 5400rpm media and one 1tb network drive
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    Razer Tiamat 7.1 w 10 speakers inside buttkicker gamer 2 audio transducer
  • Monitor
    3x 144hz benq xl2720z mlg monitors
  • Case
    Thor V2
  • Peripherals
    logitech g-19 mb and logitech g502 mouse logitech g27 racing wheel and Thrust master t-flight Hotas x
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    pretty sick setup you got there.. i know  @[member='Spindizee'] also has something similar. would be awesome if we could all get together and start racing.. ME and spin have been running adk paint jobs in iracing and trying to spread awareness to the clan and get more racers in 

    Any of you guys getting the new need for speed. its been up and down for the reviews but pc is supposed to get a complete over haul. I think it will be fun as something to kinds play w a bunch of others and all be in ts just hanging out and beating other groups in races as a crew in an open world. Also @[member='Stevo13F']  the subscription and car pricing of iracing does turn a lot of people away. You can also usually get 3 months free or for like 5$ and they just updated the game with more free cars and track then ever. You could easily play for that 3 months with out spending an extra dollar just to see if you like it.. If you are a hardcore racer and i maen someone who enjoys the racing and driving of racing games as well as the amazing competition you get from the sport of racing  def do not cut your self short and miss out on at least trying i racing.. you have to have a wheel to play, but i have almost had strokes racing in this game because the racing is that intense and real, and I am in no way exaggerating lol. At least look into it you would really be missing out if you havnt tried, because if it is for you it will easily become your fav online racer of all time. Ive been playing racing games for 23 years and its my fav type of game so trust me when I say Ive tried a lot of games lol   Either way are you guys maybe interested and  forming a small racing sub group in the community. It doesnt have much racing support but I know there are some racers that are part of the adk family, but might do their racing somewhere else becaus eof the lack of a racing member area.. Lets start something guys and see where it goes. Ps me and spindizee now run custom adk paint schemes with graphics from our website in the game. Its kinda like real NASCAR sponsoring and advertising for adk. See you guys on the track!!!
  3. I really would like to get all the guys together that are into the squad game

    1. spytim


      Squad Game?

    2. shaneclipse97


      yeah its from the makers of project reality. its called squad

    3. Blaze
  4. Hello im Grievezo

    Welcome to the family bro... I think you will really enjoy it here and im excited to be here myself, and I think that this will also give me and you a chance to game together more, cause I really have a lot of fun when we kill people together hahah  now lets get this place excited about squad and build a force to be reckoned with!!
  5. was sick early in the week but now I have some time to game a little

    1. RX-7


      See you on iRacing

    2. shaneclipse97


      u got it??? thats awesome man.. we will def have to get together!!

  6. Spanky Naval Strike Event - September 18 2015

    I dont think It would be fair if I won lol  http://imgur.com/a/L5aRE ,               but I really just came to get some bf4 time with everyone! Thanks for the event to everyone who made it happen.
  7. <---THE NEW GUY

    @[member='Mellie'] yeah lol nes..... hours and hours of mario, Tetris and many more @[member='Laith SJ'] thanks man appreciate it to the fullest!!
  8. I play a lot of iracing and other racing games. If you guys are not sure what iracing is, it is the worlds first and only racing e-sport. Its extremely sim based and very competitive. Just wondering if anyone else out there is a racing fanatic as I am????[attachment=6680:IMG_20150901_2342261.jpg]
  9. Homework homework homework!!!

  10. Anyone here in Florida?

    Im from jax too !!
  11. Anyone here in Florida?

    Im from NE FLORIDA GUYS!!!  Jacksonville to be exact!!! 
  12. <---THE NEW GUY

    WOW!!  Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! As to those wondering what I am doing in my picture, I am about 225ft off the ground on a cellphone tower. I was a cell tower repair tech for a while and just got out of the industry not to long ago. I do have many other hobbies outside of gaming such as surfing and fishing and sitting by the bonfire. @SKY MARSHAL I actually have played ED a lot and really enjoy it and have 4-6 other friends who play it as well, we were just waiting on some of the content updates and from what I have heard they are coming soon. I think im going to poke around the forums and try to get involved a little today after I get some school out of the way. Also though I have a lot of friends that might be coming with me to ADK that are all mature and of age that like to play many different games, but it is up to them as I want them to only join if they really like what they see here. Once again thanks guys and I look forward to becoming and active part of the crew and offering as much support the family as I can bring.                                                                                                                                        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                           Shane ADKins          
  13. <---THE NEW GUY

         Hello there!!! My name is shane (shaneclipse97). I'm from Florida in the U.S. I'm 29 yrs old and been playing video games for 25 years roughly and pc gaming for 3-4 years now. When I first started pc gaming I had only 2 friends that I know in real life to play with. I quickly found a small group of people to play with, but have always wanted to be apart of a big community that has competitive options and has many members that play many different kinds of games. I have played on ADK BF4 servers and really enjoy them when the wait isn't too long lol. I guess that's mainly how I found out about ADK. Also it doesn't hurt that the first 3 letters in my last name are ADK either lol. I play a lot of fps shooters but I also enjoy playing other games and I really am opened minded and want to try new games and types of games. As I am new to pc gaming somewhat I'm hoping that a large community will bring more people to play new releases with and to get excited over new games with as well as open my eyes to new games I might not know about :D . I am a very active member of anything I am a part of and I play online games the most out of anything. I am not the type to bounce around communities or teamspeaks, when I fire my pc up I log into the teamspeak before I even start a game and make my decision on what I am going to play based on what everyone else is playing. I just enjoy playing with people that much. I really look forward to meeting a bunch of new people to play with and learn some things in games from some people. This would be my first large community and it really excites me to open this new chapter in my gaming life!!   I do a lot of twitch streaming and some youtube vids on all kinds of gaming and tech stuff and hope to get even more involved in both. I am also a full time student pursuing a Computer Science degree. Hope to be a part of the group and meet everyone soon!

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