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    2x wd black 1tb, samsung 840 256gb ssd samsung 850 evo ssd
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  1. Welcome back ADK Metro (video)

    WOOOHOOOO .... bookmarked.. hopefully will be in at some stage
  2. Welcome back ADK Metro (video)

    there is a bf4 server ????
  3. bf4

    so i take it no one is playing anymore ? if so where ??? im getting bored lol
  4. What's happening with Battlefield

    been very afk for a while, had some personal stuff to sort out. come back to find it all gone.. propper sad face. not even got round to bf1 yet... i do have my own bf4 server though... been playing with a mate having sniping contests lol .. do miss bf4 tho...
  5. baserape

    it sucks... can we do something about it ? i have no issue with team swapping to the loosing team but having the opposing team constantly running into your spawn is just plain boring... i personally dont run to the opposing spawn but sit it out at b, but with less than 10 a side...
  6. who broke it?

    man that was not a nice experience... auto admin fallen asleep lol ..
  7. Built a new computer

    nice build there, after a 4790 or k variant myself for a second machine...
  8. LevelCap in ADK TDM server.

    personally i think its great they play on our servers, all advertising for us. only one i have seen is thick44 apart from one of level caps "alts" lol
  9. did it appear?

    someone called me out in metro, spouting they had video footage and were gonna post it lol
  10. New Gaming Desktop

    so did you ever get this sorted ? can build a decent one for roughly that price but there are some deals to be had if you look http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/v2ZGmG quick intel based build will last you a good few years too, 1tb ssd will eat a lot of the budget, get a smaller one and a separate storage drive. would still need a case could use cheaper ram
  11. did it appear?

    you know that video evidence of me throwing a nade ???
  12. Good PC BUild

    http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/WXb3f7 as in a build list ?
  13. deaded by admin

    usuall pain, kia for no reason, said I have rgo impact equipped, but was the exact same loadout I was using last night on the same server...
  14. insurgency

    not played it yet but levelcap has it down to $2, worth it for a game I suppose, see if I'm any good then ..   chrono.gg
  15. What in the heck is up with the forums haha

    I really thought it was kinda awesome

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