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    Windows 10
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    i7 4790k
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    GTX 970
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    Zowie FK2, ATH-M40X, Blue Yeti
  1. Can't wait for this, Clancy games are the shit.
  2. Intro

    I love this guy, but sometimes he thinks hes a somebody in CSGO.
  3. Hello I'm DIMEBAG, it's a novel no TL:DR

    Seem like a cool person. We play a lot of the same game. Maybe we play some time.
  4. Introducing GoatFaceKiller

    This is my favorite person in the world.
  5. Intro

    Matthew #1 Runescape NA
  6. Music Preference during league?

    I am the best thresh NA, I have the flick of the wrist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKWb9MGtVmw
  7. Introduction

    Welcome to the community. Maybe we can play CSGO some time.
  8. Scooterprint introduces himself

    Cool maybe we can play GO some time.
  9. GP Mid

    Good build 10/10 Would mid again.
  10. BWW Cliffton Park?

    Yo anybody wanna come meet me and my homie Raymond for some BWW in Cliffton Park.
  11. Tinychat in Alec's Traphouse!

    I cant believe I missed this!
  12. BruceyJ Intro

    This is my Brother  +1
  13. Member Picture Thread

      Me last summer.
  14. Love Me!

    I loooove  you. Loooong time.
  15. Ayy, the name's Lizz

    Cool chick. Really good singing voice.

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