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    G1 Gaming 970
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    60Gb SSD , 3TB HDD.
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    Seiki 39UHD TV
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    Zalman Z5
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    Zowie FK1, Corsair K70, QCK Heavy +

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  1. What are you driving?

    Im running a streeported 13b, a GT45R with the greddy front mount intercooler setup taged with the stock radiator, ECU is a haltech e6k. Racing beat full catback system
  2. The thread is two years old.   Updated Pic:
  3. Hi guys, my name is mason.

    Hey @[member='Mason'] have you tried ARK? Its 10x better the rust will ever be, it has dinosaurs.
  4. That momemt in TS..

    We got to get @[member='QQtiePie'] a "CSGO Attitude"
  5. Wonderful introduction @[member='Thump'], look foward to seeing you around more
  6. Hi im Disturbed

    Welcome to the ADK Forums @[member='Disturbed'], any other games you play other then CS:GO? Also, do you play ESEA?
  7. Hello There!

    Hey @[member='shirokuthehusky'], What games do you play that ADK does? Any tips for a noob photographer with a Long Zoom Point and Shoot?
  8. Yogi

    Thanks for paging me @[member='Mellie'].. Soooo @[member='Yogitoe'] is that S2K N/A, or did you do the right thing and turbo it?
  9. @[member='thesag3'] Steven gets the RX-7 Seal of approval, Apex Seal of approval.
  10. Only post if you have PIC's follow up with your specs.     PC Specs: i5-4570 16gb 1600Mhz DDR3 Gigabyte-h85m 60GB SSD Bootdrive 2TB Storage G1 Gaming 970 (Windforce) Corsair K70 Steelseries Rival (I broke the zowie :/) LG 25" Ultrawide (x2) 32" Vizo TV 22" ASUS (x2)
  11. Subbed or Dubbed

    I haven't watched a dubbed anime since I finished watching attack on titan on Netflix in middle school. when I heard they had dubbed SAO 2, I thought I can rewatch it, it was not watchable, I watched it as it came out episode by episode in Japanese, and the English dub is just awful, I stopped not even half way through the first episode.
  12. programming software help

    I've never tried unity, only done some basic stuff in Unreal Engine 4 when it first came out, and the amount of tutorials for UE4 was amazing at release, I can only imagine, if you want to continue unity, let me just page @[member='matthew'].
  13. Teams Bjergsen, Bjergsen, and team Bjergsen
  14. Welcome to the ADK Forums @[member='Mezan'], Enjoy your stay, Lets see some pics of that R6 when its not being worked on.
  15. Crazy Coonass

    Welcome to the ADK Forums, Looking forward to playing more ARMA with you.

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