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  1. I'm just here so I won't get fined

    Welcome to the community! So what games do you play? :)
  2. Hey ADK

    Welcome, I'm always down for some MM or ESEA.pugs.
  3. Tinychat 2: Electric Boogaloo

    i do not approve of these screenshots  <_<
  4. if you have a gun what type of a gun do you have or want

    Agree on the glock, but I find that Springfield xd is a better fit for my hand for drawing/shooting. I wouldn't mind a glock in the arsenal though.
  5. Google changed their logo. Really?! Didn't notice

    I think it is to go along with their holding structure and the whole Alphabet, Inc. style.
  6. Single 980Ti or 3-Way SLI 970?

    Just curious, what games are you running where you need the 3-way SLI? Any video editing or anything like that? I would honestly go with 2-way SLI on the 970 or a single 980/980Ti.
  7. Regional LAN Parties

    I'd be interested in helping put one together in the Baltimore/DC area. I have a lot of contacts down there, and could probably help with venue/setup.
  8. Pennsylvania

    I'm out in York County, close to northern Maryland. Anyone else around the area? About 2 hour drive to Philly.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

        Got Lil Dicky and Snoop on spotify popping up all the time:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlU4FuIJT2k
  10. if you have a gun what type of a gun do you have or want

    have a springfield xd-s .45 for carry and a sig p229 elite
  11. Intro

    let's see   interests:        sports, gaming, tech, lots of stuff. new baby - don't have time for anything else.   job:     virtualization architect, entrepreneur
  12. Intro

    hey guys - just joined after hearing about adk from some other members. mostly play cs:go (matchmaking, esea, etc.) and some ark, h1z1 (br mostly).

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