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    • Dowin

      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. 'Ello Im Loly :3

    Welcome! Thanks for carrying Alec last night. Hes super shitty.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

  3. lets make this "stick"

    You seem pretty cool. Been really busy lately but shoot me a poke in Teamspeak and ill play a match or 2. @[member='MapleSyrup']
  4. What are you listening to right now?

  5. @medic62 and @matthew are basic while girls.

    1. Mellie


      shut up cindy lou hou who

    2. HaRdLy007


      fight nice now children

  6. Yo Whats up - Mishka

    Welcome to the community. Thanks for joining us in Scoutknivez.
  7. Mellie singing to me... HI?

    Welcome to the community. Thanks for joining us in Scoutknivez.
  8. chochingo

    Welcome to the community. Thanks for joining us in Scoutknivez earlier.
  9. I'm just here so I won't get fined

    Welcome to the community! So what games do you play? :)
  10. Snuff introduction

    Welcome to ADK come hit us up in the go section
  11. Hi

    Welcome Tom. If you scroll through the teamspeak you will find that we have many people who play Arma and CSGO. They are pretty friendly and normally always willing to play.
  12. ChoooooooChooooooo

    Cool deal man. Come in the CSGO section sometime and i'll play a few matches with ya.

    Pandora is add free listening all day today for its 10 year anniversary.
  14. Hi >^_^<

    Hola! Welcome to the community.
  15. Mr Fresh's hello

    Welcome! Anyone who can sit through an entire CSGO match with mellie deserves free beer.

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