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  1. Ways to make the game more interesting

    Try to break the meta, always been my way of having fun. Or just try champions you haven't played or where scarred of.
  2. GP Mid

    I think ill try this on norms. always done ap gp but hey, criting squishy mages sounds like fun to!
  3. Really? buff darius?

    havent made it to the gold ranks yet... Hoping sometime this year i will be :D
  4. whats with the hate in league?

    haven't had any bad times with anyone on TeamSpeak, which is why i really wanna join the community. you guys are really cool. 
  5. him i'm chef

    been playing with some people on ts, and every seems really friendly. cant wait to be apart of this community!
  6. I get people are frustrated when losing or a teammate isnt doing the best, but what is with the hate? like when a riven is dominating top lane, the riven will start going EZ PZ GG. Like wtf? or if a teammate is doing bad, everyone on the team starts attacking him. bad games happen to the best... i dont get it some times.
  7. I love looking at the comp cases in fry's and microcenter, and i saw one that spoke to me. it was a ammo box inspired case and i WILL HAVE IT! you guys see any cases that make you want? heres a pic of the one i was talkin about.     [attachment=6539:c70_g_handlesup.jpg]  
  8. READ THIS SERIES! if...

    READ THIS SERIES! if you like monsters, guns, action, some drama (SOME), and bad a**ery. The book series im talking about is monster hunter international. a friend of mine who has similar reading interests as me suggested it and i was HOOKED! if you are bored or want a good read, give it a shot! .
  9. I've been neglecting my ranked game for awhile and need to catch up, maybe get to gold :D .  but if you are intrested or just wanna talk about maybe doing some ranked, im free till tuesday! also dont be shy to hit me up at night, who needs sleep when you got lol.  
  10. My weirdest experience on ark was when a friend and i were based on top of a hill with wood wall 3 tiles up. and out of nowhere a T-rex breaks threw the doors like butter, and smashes into our home, taking out half of the building! Me and my friend where terrified, until the guy on the T-rex asked if we were in the house. we said "yes" and he goes "oh thought this was abandoned....sorry" and leaves! It was a very stressful day. got any stories?
  11. So i love top laning, and i love darius. but he was stronk before the update... WHY BUFF HIM?  they added a delay on his q but now it heals? and his ult is a slaughter fest. don't understand the reasoning for it :/
  12. paintball in houston?

    I know alot of people here like fps but would anyone in houston be up for paintball in winter time? i know a pretty cool place near belt8 n 59. Could this happen? thoughts?
  13. him i'm chef

    well i like going to the shootin range, and cooking for a start on other intrests.
  14. him i'm chef

    Hi, im chef. saw this community on a league forum and thought i would see how cool you guys are (very). going to be playing league of legends, dayz, csgo and random games i find fun. if you wanna play something just send me a message :D

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