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  1. I Are Bill

    Flash forward a year and I'm back on ADK! I fly to Bridgeport, CT quite often when I'm bored and want to make a short flight.
  2. I Are Bill

      Hey @[member='Viper'] just saying, my friend who I play casual with finally convinced me to give ranked another shot.  I'm actually a lot better than I thought, most games I sit around a 1.5 K/D.  Nothing spectacular, I don't carry the team, but I don't hold them back either.  I'm learning my calls and getting better at tactics.
  3. Hey guys :3

      Tru dat!      Old people are awesome.  And they smell funny. Welcome to the forums by the way!
  4. I Are Bill

    A couple shots to give you an idea of what FSX can look like.  Do note, I don't take a lot of screenies, and some of these aren't the best, but they show you that default can be improved.    P.S.  The 737 landing one, the blur is post edited, the lighting is in-game.   (I just found out that certain image extensions are not compatible with the forums, I'm in a rush, and don't wanna resave and upload them with new extensions.  Links ALL DAY, site is safe, pinky swear.  It's mine.)   http://billuminati.net/s/1417575_10201583494327787_286961919_o.jpg http://billuminati.net/s/2014-1-14_5-31-58-749.BMP http://billuminati.net/s/2014-2-22_20-49-8-639.BMP             Also, do note, if you're having performance issues, they can be fixed.  All these are around 60fps, and I'm not running anything crazy or top of the line.  Tweaks are available.
  5. I Are Bill

      Civilian simulators that are not Microsoft.  If you've done any research, my answer will not come to you as a surprise.    XPlane 10 is your only available option.  This is not counting P3D, or Steam release FSX, they're basically MS still.   Now, on the subject of FSX though, it is only as good as what you put into it.  This is coming from a MSFS fanboy, I've used all their releases since FS95.   FSX out of the box is quite terrible.  The game is optimized poorly, it's incredibly CPU intensive, so you SLI'd 980 users, sorry...all that horsepower is going to waste.   The good news, there are about 10 years of tweaks available that all but fix the optimization issues, a huge active community and is still on the forefront of every major payware developer.   The catch is the game is only as good as the addons you purchase.  I'm not shy about what I've put into FSX, it's worth every penny to me.  Coming from a real aviation background, I demanded nothing but the best.   If you have FSX now, consider looking into Orbx FTX Global, REX, and Active Sky.  Those three alone will greatly increase the attractiveness of FSX.  Once your global addons are updated, install localized payware of the airports you frequent most.  If you do go this route, let me know, I can steer you towards worthy developers and away from the crappy ones.   Then, last but not least, pick a good payware aircraft.  Ideally one of such a caliber that they actually render their own flight dynamics outside of the sim, and use the sim only for display.  This will fix some of the wonky flight dynamics of FSX.   My two go to payware aircraft are PMDG's 737NGX and their 777.   Expensive, yes.  But if you divide that cost by the hundred of hours I have in each, then it comes down to pennies and hour.  I consider that a worth.   Let me know if you need anything else, no matter what sim you choose, consider flying online.  That's an entirely separate subject, but having real people flying around you and real controllers, really kicks it up a notch.   Take it easy man.
  6. Almost downloaded Ark. Instead, accidentally drank the beers and played HotS. There's always next time!

  7. I Are Bill

    Nice!   I only had to go to Lejeune once a year for annual fire training,  and for random pre-deployment jazz that wasn't available at MCAS.  Also, if you jump down there, I don't suppose you do so out of Warren Field in Washington, do you?
  8. I Are Bill

      VMA-231 out of Cherry Point   Air wing #ALLDAY
  9. I Are Bill

    Civilian or military?   And if military, what time period?
  10. I Are Bill

    Will do.  Lemme finish up this week at work.  Going ham on the OT while I still can.  Once the fall semester starts, I'll be working a much more saner schedule and we can shoot down all da nazis.
  11. I Are Bill

        I'm down anytime.  Here's the thing though, I'm bad.  Like, really bad...at classic CS:GO that is.  My bread and butter is arms race, I know that grows old pretty quick for those who really put effort into CS:GO, but I really enjoy the gamemode.  Always have since 'gun game,' back in CS:S.  I'll play whatever, whenever though, just don't stick me in ranked, I've generated some toxic behavior from some people who really take it seriously.
  12. I Are Bill

    Thanks, in there now.  Playing some HotS.  I used to be big into League, but was never much good at it.  When I got into the beta for HotS, I was all about it.  I like MOBAS, and it's not overly complicated, so I can usually do pretty well.
  13. I Are Bill

    Good evening!   I am Bill.    Writing this little introduction up to officially say hello to y'all.   I'm still an admin on another gaming community, but it has recently been brought to my attention that my long term goals, and their long term goals for me are not running in the same direction.  I'm a little bummed, salty even, but I will learn to get over it.   I need a change of scenery and get away for a little while, and considering how y'all allow open relationships, I figure I could hang out here for some time, meet some new friends, play some new games, that sort of thing.   I started PC gaming a while back, but didn't build my first PC until a couple years ago.  I'm a huge flight sim junkie, but eventually I discovered Arma 3, which led me to join a community.   From there I branched out heavily.  I got into a bunch of games; LoL, CS:GO, BF4, TF2, and Minecraft.  I have a pretty well rounded selection of go-to games.   ----=================----------------   Outside of gaming, I'm a 26 year old student living in Long Island.  I'm a pretty recent veteran after spening the last 5 years in the Marines stationed in North Carolina.  I've been all over the world, to some nice places and to some not so nice places.   If I'm not gaming and the weather is nice, I'm an avid private pilot and skydiver, both of which I try to do as much as possible on these nice summer days.  In the winter, I tend to go on a lot of skiiing expeditions.   ----=================------------   That's all I got for now.  I'm looking forward to meeting y'all on a more personal level.  I knew about y'all only because I tend to frequent your BF4 servers whenver I'm in the mood to play BF4.  I am eager to progress with you guys, and hope to see you around!

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