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  1. What's for dinner?

  2. What's for dinner?

    It was XD
  3. What's for dinner?

    This is what true lazy looks like
  4. What's for dinner?

  5. YOU DA BEST!!!!

  6. BROOOOOOOO how I missed this place

  7. Missed you guys

    Overwatch, blade and soul whitcher 3
  8. Missed you guys

    Hey there everyone My name is Astrobamf Astro for those that still know me. I was once apart of this growing community got busy and left. Wellllllllllll I may be back on account I left behind some pretty awesome friends. I was once a recruitment admin/ teamspeak Admin so yeah it was a while ago. I enjoyed helping the community even though sometimes influence gets in the way of things and you just gotta take a brake. Well anyways its good to meet all the new faces hope I get to meet you all very soon.
  9. Woooo haven't been here in a while

  10. Whats up man I have missed you 

    1. Naru


      Missed you too, haven't been on for a week, just came back from vacations

    2. Astrobamf


      So good to see your still around I miss all my buddies

  11. Favorite anime Characters?

  12. Spoiler


    Miss me|B)

  13. Kill em with one knife ...or two

  14. All I can do is laugh at how pathetic things have become hehehehehe beautiful


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