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  1. Mods for ADK:SE server, Need community Input

    Small ship functional components would be great. Things like small gravity generator and small assembler/refinery. The reason for this is popular small ships gone wild builds. This would allow these small ships gone wild to be fully practical. Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone!

    @Leighton Welcome aboard! I've had fun with you in-game and look forward to more in the future! 7
  3. 3v3 Overwatch Tourney 1/14/16

    I guess I just comment to be signed up? If so, sign me up. magiceel#1605
  4. Overwatch badminton

    I wish I were there
  5. A Team For Ranked And Much More

    That post explains it, we are trying to see who is interested in forming a team. Comment there that you would be interested (and times for when your available are probably helpful)
  6. Battle.net ID Tags

  7. Windows 10

    Windows 10 has rendered one of my computers nearly useless, and significantly improved the other. I'm rather unimpressed with it, and it screwed with one of my laptops...
  8. Blog (www.TheLogicalFallacy.com)   On this blog I will be talking about issues in real life (including things from school, or the current dodge ball issue) and things from video games or technology. I will talk about things like Net Neutrality, how Free to Play Micro-transactions affect the overall gaming experience.   I will basically talk about random stuff that I care about or think needs to be changed. If you have a suggestion, please comment here or on the blog (You can comment on the blog with a google account).   Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I currently have two topics on there, and I will be uploading at least one topic per day. Thanks!
  9. =ADK= Dog Tags and Stickers | In Stock! |

    Those look really cool :D
  10. The Bow

    Even without the defence perk, a chest shot takes 2 shots :( It badly needs a buff.
  11. i m tired of ads. but this one i love

    Have you seen the kmart commercials for "big gas savings" and "ship your pants"? Those are hilarious!!!
  12. Found a sweet channel at youtube for TRAP music

    Nevermind, I misspelled it.
  13. Found a sweet channel at youtube for TRAP music

    Could you link trapmusichd? I couldn't find it.
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    I'm listening to... nothing :(

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