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  1. can someone delete my account here?

    it's nothing against the community, i'm just trying to get rid of a few traces of myself on the internet. i don't see a delete option for the user control panel. i don't need to be notified or anything. thank you so much and i'll see you in the server.
  2. sniper: ghost warrior

    anyone else play? i guess it appeals to the camper in me because i just fucking love it
  3. i'm considering buying this

    you guys, this game is fucking difficult i've never played anything as tactical and complicated as this, for fuck's sake i think i'm just going to stick with singleplayer until ADK gets a server going, because even in the noob servers i just twirl around in confusion and cry and pee on myself
  4. Pet Thread

    franklin is a little frightening
  5. Whats your BC2 Name..

  6. i'm considering buying this

    geez, i wish they'd populate the public servers instead of just competing also, i just started playing bc2 on single player and i ran across this xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJJ5Py7AKDk ignore the clicking... it's some error from my shitty video compression software
  7. Pet Thread

    already posted in the kitty thread but here's mah doggy
  8. Buy Bad Company on Steam now!

    i missed the deal but i still ended up getting it for $15. but they had killing floor on sale today for $7 so yay.
  9. i'm considering buying this

    how the fuck is counterstrike number 1? unless it's just scrim after scrim after scrim... all the public servers are filled with bots do bots count as population? >_<
  10. the dickwhistle

    i'm usually just nature-ish anyway, people in poses are not my forte~
  11. i'm considering buying this

    is there a large multiplayer base? i really hate it when i buy a game (like, eh, i dunno, gears of war or alien vs predator) and there are maybe 2 available games to play online at any given time
  12. the dickwhistle

    yeah, i really would hate to have a leaking issue with the t-top... my friend's mr2 leaks like a motherfucker with the slightest bit of moisture and the car either smells like utter shit or the windows take 30 minutes to clear up i guess it wouldn't be too much of a deal if i lined it with rubber and kept replacing it as the chassis flexed but... meh, depending on how often it fucks up i might reconsider the t-top
  13. the dickwhistle

    nice, how does the NA run? i want a 95 because that's the year they worked all the kinks out of it
  14. NRG appreciation thread

    that dude was such a dick, just because i didn't save him from mortal damnation he wanted to charge me out the ass for identifying shit >(
  15. the dickwhistle

    lol, no problem, i would have stuck around longer for you guys but i was about to fall asleep

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