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  1. So when I was messing around with my port forwards on my router I accidentally deleted EA's port forward. Now I am unable to play the game. I contacted EA support, the gent I spoke to on the phone game me 11 different ports to forward so that I can play again. The only problem is that my router only allows 9 port forwards at a given time.    Is there anyway around this? When I was messing around in the port forwarding I noticed it only has one port!      Any help would be much appreciated!   VVorDz
  2. Hi Guys my name is Defath

    Hey Dave! :)    Welcome to the forums and community!   I hope to see you on teamspeak soon!   VVorDz
  3. Assault Rifles: M416 or AUG A3?

    M416   I dislike using the aug. It just feels so weird to use. I also don't like the sound of it.    I have always been a big fan of the M416!   VVorDz
  4. Ayy, the name's Lizz

    Hey Lizz   Welcome to the community / forums!   I hope to catch some of your singing skills on TS!    VVorDz
  5. Kitchen's epic UCAV compilation.

    @[member='DestinedToFlail'] Great video! I like Zalezoom_3 was never very good at UCAV either. It was great to watch a skilled UCAV'r haha!   VVorDz
  6. Hello!

    @[member='SCYTHE_Toxicity'] Welcome to the forums & community!   It was good playing with you on the TDM server last night! I hope to see you around soon!   VVorDz
  7. Introduction of Zack Roberts

    Hey @[member='Derpsquad'] welcome to the forums & community!   I hope to see you on the battlefield and Teamspeak soon buddy!   VVorDz
  8. john lomba's intro

    @[member='johnny2x2']    Welcome to the forums & community buddy! I hope to catch you on Teamspeak!!!   VVorDz
  9. Justcampbell547

    Welcome to the community @[member='justcampbell547']   I also play BF4 so I should see you around soon!    VVorDz
  10. Just made my first homemade Korean BBQ marinade and threw on some beef short ribs I got today! Looks pretty good if you ask me!  :D
  11. Scott (Oz111) Intro duck shun

    Hey @[member='Oz111']   Welcome to the ADK forums!   I look forward to seeing you on teamspeak!   VVorDz
  12. Wassup guys!

    Hey @[member='drago2030']   Welcome back! I hope to see you around!   VVorDz
  13. Hi, im new!

    @[member='Instinct']    Welcome to the forums buddy! I hope to see you around soon!   VVorDz
  14. Blackbird4503

    Hey @[member='Blackbird4503'] welcome to the forums!   I look forward to seeing you in teamspeak!   Welcome buddy!
  15. Welcome @[member='SlickCs'] !!!

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