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  1. Y'all forgot something

    there yah go *clap* *clap* *clap*
  2. Y'all forgot something

    Still can see this,still can post, so y'all fucked up somewhere. just heads up(:
  3. It was fun while it lasted guy's. Catch ya on the flipside

    1. Nameless


      c ya meh love <3

  4. yeah it goes all over with me, only place's it doesnt come in with me is places where people might think im about to rob em lol
  5. Scratch Off tickets…..

    i won 20 bucks once.....
  6. think it maybe nap time.

    1. Nameless


      Have a good nap sweet baby boy :3

  7. Hello im plötskonov

    Welcome to ADK, what else do you like to do besides play video games? @[member='deviousdingo']
  8. Hi im TommyGun

    @[member='TommyGun'] Welcome to ADK, what games do you like to play?, what do you enjoy doing besides playing video games?
  9. Obligatory Intro Post!

    What do you enjoy doing besides gaming?
  10. The famous AsashinDaka

    Welcome to ADK, What do you enjoy doing besides gaming?
  11. hahahaha, its all pretty easy, mostly pressure bandage's and wrap's, with a few IV kits, i missing my zippo and dried foods, matches and bunch of other shit
  12. Rescue Me (TV Show)

    Yup, i work for Two Dept's right now, and on the call list for two full time department's when a spot opens up. @[member='HeYYiTzPaT']
  13. @[member='darkelf1']  Finally got around to taking my bag apart and everything this morning. this what a i carry in my bag on a day to day basis, a good amount of stuff is missing, due to being used and such and havent had the chance to replace it or anything because work has be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

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