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Everything posted by loopup2u

  1. Parts is Parts for Tarkov

    Nice Post!
  2. Fleet Make-Up In this post we are going to keep track and regularly update our Organization's Fleet. Knowing our fleet makeup can be helpful in several areas. First off, it can be used to gauge the strength of our force. Another insight it can give us is to let us know generally what type of game-play our members might prefer when the game launches. This knowledge can also be used in planning how to go about achieving some of the early goals we as an Organization will decide on together.   We are planning on keeping this first post as up to date as possible. We will put together a graphical representation of our fleet when we have a decent polling of the current makeup of the fleet. We also understand that people will either switch ships or add ships to their own personal fleets :)   Ships We are asking all of our Org members to create a post in this thread listing all of the ships that they own. Considering many ships have variants, it would be extremely helpful and appreciated if you could list what ship variant you have also. If you happen to have LTI on any of your ships, feel free to list that as well.   *In the event that you happen to change ships or add ships, we would like to ask you to create a new post in this thread. In the new post please list your new ship list in its' updated entirety.   Roles If possible, also list what game-play type is the most intriguing or exciting to you. What is the first thing you plan to do once the game launches?   Examples: Exploration, Trading/Transport, Escort Missions, Bounty Hunting, Racing, Search & Rescue, Mining, Salvaging, Smuggling, Information Running, Operating Org Owned Capital Ships, ect....     Example Post
  3. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name: loopup2u SteamID: DrDoom http://steamcommunity.com/id/loopup2u/ Stream Link: Twitch.tv/loopup2u Hours/Days that you can play: ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT
  4. 2.0 IS LIVE

    Who is ready for some fun?!?!?!?!
  5. FPS[ocial] TIME! PTU 1.2 IS ROLLING OUT!!

    Guess a number of our members got the invite tonight. I think @[member='DecoyDrone'] serendipitously ran into Kryten in the instance he was in.
  6. FPS[ocial] TIME! PTU 1.2 IS ROLLING OUT!!

    LOL     Good one!
  7. FPS[ocial] TIME! PTU 1.2 IS ROLLING OUT!!

    @[member='Kraven213']    I was under the assumption this is just the social module that hit the PTU. I have been watching a stream, and up until now it is just Social Module stuff.
  8. Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous

    Your gut feeling was correct. Please do not use this community to advertise a donation campaign to raise money for a better computer. Thank you.
  9. Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous

    The simple answer it Both.   Elite is out now with a ton to do. They are adding to their content at a healthy pace.   Star Citizen will be out in the future, with a lot of content as well.    I do not see any reason to limit oneself to only one of these games, if you are a fan of the space sim genre.
  10. Just posting the regular YouTube link should auto-embed it.   All I am doing is posting ""https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lKvhwuUHX4"" below this line without the "" "" before and after.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lKvhwuUHX4
  11. Hey everyone!   News just came out about the ship sale that will happen during the Star Citizen Gamescom  August 7th 2015 presentation. We will take this opportunity as we have with all previous Big Star Citizen Live Streams to have a get together in TS and Geek Out as a Group!!   The following list of ships will be purchasable, "These ships will also be available online during the event for those that can not attend."   As you can see there is a good group of ships that are fairly limited from the standpoint they are not normally on sale, besides special events and anniversary sales. Aegis Retaliator Anvil Carrack Drake Caterpillar RSI Orion Aegis Reclaimer Khartu-al (Xi’an Scout) Banu Merchantman These ships will come with Two-Years of Insurance.     The event is scheduled to start at (11AM PST) / (2PM EST) Friday, August 7th. As most of us can remember, it will probably end up starting a little later then stated, due to technical challenges. For those who have never attended one of our viewing parties, they are a great place to meet your fellow ADK Star Citizen member, have a laugh, and afterwards usually play some Arena Commander. We will be sending PM's to member on our mailing lists, and if you can make it, please do!!!
  12. UFC 190

    @[member='AOBLXIX'], what part of the fight card are you looking forward to the most?
  13. UFC 190

    The Top 3 Fights on the Card I am looking forward to are the following.   1. Rousey vs. Correia (Reasons are obvious) I would be utterly stunned if Rousey did not dominate this fight from beggining to end.(Same thing I thought about Velasquez vs. Werdum, lol) I think the fight will either be finished in the first 30 seconds, or end before the end of the first round. It will certainly be vicious.   2. Silva vs. Palelei (Gotta give some love to the BigBoys!  +  Super Low % go to decision, from both fighters) Fight should be full of hard strikes, definitely looking foward to it. Would be completely shocked if this fight ended by decision. Picking Palelei, from a purely statistical point a view he has a higher percentage of fights ending in both KO/TKO and by submission. Additionally, I like seeing 0% next to fights ending by decision. Even if he looses, it should be exciting.   3. Vieira vs. Lopes (Super Low % go to decision, from both fighters) Taking a shot in the dark here, but if I had to put money on it, with out checking the line, I would probably bet on Lopes.
  14. Who is down to get some organized Arena Commander this week?   We can shoot for Wednesday, Thursday, and perhaps Friday evening?   If you are interested in joining us, let it be known here, so we can gauge the interest!
  15. Lets get some Arena Commander going this Week!!

    A big thanks to @[member='glyph'] for stepping up to help organize these play sessions.   If you are looking to figure out what time your schedule lines up with the hours that are being discussed, make a post here, or lookup glyph on TeamSpeak. He can often be found in either the Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous channels.   Thanks again glyph!
  16. Favorite dinosaur so far

    I am with @[member='MrGoat']   I had 4 Scorpions on the server before it was wiped. I plan on getting another one as soon as I can. I am also looking forward to taming a Sacro. If we are talking about future dinos. I am really excited about the following Bird.     AND  
  17. SATA Ball

    I Am!!!!!!
  18. U2 - Innocence and Experience Tour - Photographs

    Last time I saw U2 was in Glendale in 2009, great performance!
  19. read the min system requirements! (originally in all caps)

    We have several members that can barely run GTA 5, but Star Citizen is extremely playable for them.   Considering the game is in Alpha, you might want to put the smallest amount of effort into figuring out what is wrong with your installation or system that is preventing it from playing Star Citizen. Assuming it has to do with the minimum system requirements is foolish and lazy.   We have a member with an E8400 Core 2 Duo(2 Core Processor with No Hyper-Threading), 4GB RAM, and a GTX 460 that is able to play the game no problem. Those are all well below the minimum requirements. If you have a system that is less powerful than that, yes, you probably should of paid more attention to the system requirements.
  20. Rename the Advocacy

    "The Advocacy was formed in 2523 when the United Nations of Earth transformed into the United Planets of Earth (UPE). The Advocacy was designed to be an inter-system police force under the high advocate. During the fascist Messer Era, the Advocacy took on a darker role as the Imperator’s Secret Police, Intelligence, and Espionage agency. The extent of their actions are still unknown but Advocacy officials at the time were implicated in high-profile assassinations, the apprehension and torture of non-compliant elements in the populace, and propaganda mongers."   *http://starcitizen.wikia.com/wiki/Advocacy
  21. Links on the home page

    Yeah, we have slowly been discovering the remaining broken links. Thank you khemimbalance for the info. I will pass that along, and get that repaired ASAP.
  22. The graphs have been updated with all information submitted up to this post.   I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has taken their time in posting in this thread. It is helping us form a small picture of what our Fleet will be comprised of. Until RSI includes the long awaited Fleet View, this is the only tool we have for this purpose. We are all growing this from the bottom up. Thank you for helping us.   I thought I would mention some Org & Fleet Statistics as they stand right now.   We currently have 200 members in our Star Citizen Org. •193 of those members have us as their "Main Org", and no "Affiliate Orgs" •108 of those members are also ADK Community Members •64 of those members have added their ships to this Fleet Survey Thread   Out of the 64 members that have posted in this thread, the Fleet Composition. •167 Total Ships •3 Capital Ships   Current Top 5 play styles inferred by ship type. •37% Combat •15% Trade/Transport •11% Resource Gathering •11% Exploration •6% Bounty Hunting
  23. Official Organization Structure Thread

    I have put a bit of thought into it over the past few weeks. Charters should definitely have a scaling system, so that there are enough advocates to accomplish the tasks for that role, but also so the charter members are appropriately represented in The Advocacy. Usually, when I think about that it leads me down the road of members being able to be in many charters.    If we have a Advocate scaling system, we will probably need to have member voting rights. So lets say this member BobLogger is a part of 5 charters. He only has voting rights, or I guess representative rights sound more appropriate in one of those charters. So he is in 5 charters, but he has to declare which one of those charters will receive his representative rights. Members should of course be able to shift there Rep. rights around as they decide which charter they currently feel represents their main interest.   There would also need to be some kind of waiting period or cool down limit on switching your Rep. rights, mainly to keep some form of charter stability, but also to prevent vote switching to manipulate certain votes.   Decoy, makes a good point, with the warning about over representation.

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