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  1. Windows 10

    I hope to god its good. Cause Im buying a New cumputer with Windows 10 </3    Im scared.. Oh god... Its 1k... ;(
  2. Wehadababyitsaboy

    Awwe! SOOO CUTE!!! AWWH! Sorry. I love babies <3 Its not my fault....
  3. My scary obsession with turtles.

    Turtles scare me. I got bit in the ankle once by my pet Turtle Billy BO Bob... It really hurt knowing I was like 8..
  4. What's up!!

       Hello, my name is Semi. I started out playing Cs-Go Since January of 2013. I started getting into Cs-Go, In about February of 2014. And to be honest I loved it! I currently play on a team called INFUZE and we are quite okay, well.. For Gold Nova Masters. In real life i'm 12 Years of age. But that didn't stop me from playing Cs-Go Competitive! :D I really enjoy Playing Music. For example. i play Drums, Guitar, Saxophone, Cello, and even Flute! I'm currently in ROTC In the navy! But anyways!       As I bobbed back in forth through ranks in Cs-go, I learned a lot. And I Finally got to the rank I wanted! Gold Nova Master!   And I'm very exited to join ADK Community! :D     

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