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  1. Battlefield 1

    @Blackbird4503 what are you running?
  2. Feels good to be a member :)

  3. What are you listening to right now?

    I love listening to Pandora while looking through forums and the web. Right now I am listening to my favorite station.    Knife Party Playlist (EDM to make it a little easier if you don't know, Dubstep/Techno/Trance/etc. Hustle by Antiserum & Mayhem 
  4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I personally love the Ghost Recon games, and if they can pull this off and make it like far cry but with a ghost recon style, i will freaking fall in love and probably never play another game for a long time. but lets just hope that they do not fuck this up like a lot of games
  5. Tele ashe guide

    Hey this is awesome!!! Thank you so much! I don't play League very often, i am only lvl 19 and have been playing for almost 3 years now... But I really enjoy playing and when i do play, I only play with Ashe because I do very well with her. But since i don;t play as much as i need to, I don't know how to set masteries or runes, and this was freaking amazing since i play Ashe bot every time! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! :) 
  6. Assault Rifles: M416 or AUG A3?

    Forsure the M416, I am fairly new to PC and BF4, but I have been playing Battlefield on console for a while. But it is an amazing gun for assault. not the best but you can argue that it is in the top few.
  7. Do you watch a movie twice?!?!

    I love to watch great and good movies multiple times. I freaking love movies, and I love watching movies. No matter if I have already seen it 10 times, if I am in the mood, I can watch it completely excited. Like Lord of the Rings trilogy or Star Wars. Those I watch every time I am home sick. The weird thing about me is that I have watched sooooo many movies while going to bed that I CAN NOT go to bed without putting a movie/video/music on to go to bed. It's something a lot of people find very weird, because they need a quiet atmosphere around them to sleep while me on the other hand, I love having sound to put me to sleep. I own only just under 100 movies, because I only bought my favorites, so I can watch them while going to bed. So I don't have to keep my laptop running all night.   Anyone else have to use a movie/music/tv to go to bed? and if so what kind of movies do you like? Whats your favorite movie of all time?  
  8. ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Alternate Timelines Explained

    Hey thanks for posting this! It's been awhile since I saw each of the first films. Once of twice for each around the time they came out, so when I watched the new one, I was a little confused ( should of watched all of them first of course but I watched it right after work one day.) But this conpletely cleared but everything! :)
  9. What is your best game series and why?

    The Call of Duty series from Call of duty - Modern Warfare 2, then it went all to complete shit. But if anyone else here still plays the original campaigns from 1-3 and World at War for the WW2 gameplay, i applaud you :) I freaking love playing them, I don't even mind the graphics, they're just too fun to not play! 
  10. Left 4 Dead 2

    Looking for people who enjoy going into games with 4 friends and kicking zombie butts! 

    where should i post? and how come you don't like it? :0  
  12. The Bow

    the bow is awesome just to mesh around with 

    I love left 4 dead 2, but I need people to play with because its only fun when you can talk and work together! Hmu if anyone is down!
  14. Washington State ADK Gamers?

    Ayeee King county area!!! Kent is my city. Everyone isn't too far each other luckily!

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