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  1. Hey: Who am I?

    Welcome to the club I'm chunky one of the MC admins hope to see you on our servers !!!!!!!
  2. Who am I?

    Welcome to the club I'm chunky one of the MC admins hope to see you on our servers !!!!!!!
  3. Dev1ux Intro

    Welcome to the club I'm chunky one of the MC admins hope to see you on our servers !!!!!!!
  4. Trump or Clinton

    Tell me who you think will be the US president in 2016. I dislike all politicians but tell me  
  5. Fetty Wap, is he a rap legend

    Fetty wap has grown so popular and more people listen to him in my school than anyone else he is a good artist do you guys think he is a rap legend?
  6. the vet says she will love to chew but my dog is a bitch about letting a toy last more than 4 days any suggestions? 
  7. Feeling even more lonely in Minecraft

  8. Felling lonely on Minecraft

  9. Is Silinto a 1 hit wonder or not?

    I found he sucks but the dance makes it good tell me you think i believe he is rubish
  10. Godzilla(2015)

    I saw all the Godzillas and the new one i have to say was one of the best and worst movies i've seen in all and in the series. I don't know about all of you guys but i found that the actions scenes were good but there was no real reason of them fighting.Only said Godzilla was the alpha predator. Tell me what think it seems to be a very controversial movie but overall i thought 4.5 stars
  11. Hi m chunkyyukon!

    I'm a 13 year old addicted to minecraft and world of tanks. When I'm not doing anything i'm always on my laptop. I play PC no console not into it. I am going into high school with 1 real life skill and this is bowling i love to bowl, I bowl 3 times a week off school league when school league happens 7 days a week. I am the middle child and stay to myself. I will always love the games and playing with people who like the games and me aswell. I found ADK through youtube and joined the minecraft server played before whitelist so i have gotten to know some players already. I'm just a common squeaker you likes to kick ass in games .
  12. Hi m chunkyyukon!

    lol Efr you will back into the swing of things i bowl alot and have gotten use to it but when i started i never stopeed complaining about being sore
  13. Anyone know some good gaming desserts

    My brothers B-day is coming up and he loves games aswell anyone know some good ideas or recipes
  14. Hi m chunkyyukon!

    Viper, I play minecraft, World of Tanks, Robocraft 2, and Starcraft 2 . I do not play Battlefield sorry i might someday

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