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Everything posted by Talos

  1. Pennsylvania

    Where all the Pennsylvania Gamers at i'm from Pittsbugh and have met so few people from this state online haha except for chucker  :D Thanks for reading.
  2. Borderlands

    I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in playing any of the borderlands games with me i've only ever beaten them solo and played the co-op about once but i own all 3 games and all the DLC for all of them :D
  3. Favorite Artist/Band?

    Top 5 1.Judas Priest 2.Iron Maiden 3.Sabaton 4.Helloween 5.Manowar
  4. my style is awesome I'm causin more Family Feud's than Richard Dawson And the survey said -- ya dead

  5. Introduction Talos

    Hey everyone i'm Talos50 on BF4 or TalosΩ on steam or Keegan i recently have found your guys community/clan through searching for a new group saw you guys play a lot of BF4 wich i mostly play currently.I am currently 18 and spending a lot of my time traveling the country and when i'm not doing that i'm either playing games or pursuing my hobby of fishing or listening to a lot of metal lol.I also enjoy playing a lot of table top games when i am not on my PC including Warhammer 40k, Warhamemr Fantasy,Dungeons and Dragons,And Blood bowl.That's about it i can't wait to meet more of you guys everyone i've met so far has been super friendly and cool.
  6. Music when playing video games.

    i find myself listening to a lot of other game soundtracks while i play depending on the game on battlefield i find myself listening to the Killer instinct soundtrack or something more like that and if it's an RTS game i find myself listenign to halo it really varies on the game but it's either Video Game soundtracks or Metal wich Ranges from Judas Priest to Amon Amarth
  7. Borderlands

    @[member='TzickyT'] Cool then we should totally play sometime :D
  8. PSN Gamer Tags

    PSN is Talos411
  9. My scary obsession with turtles.

    I think as a child once said "i like turtles." would apply pretty well here in this case :D  plus it helps that turtles are cool
  10. Favorite soda/pop?

    I prefer Arizona ice tea but if i gotta choose a pop i'd say Dr.pepper for sure
  11. Godzilla(2015)

    I think the action was good i got a real pacific rim vibe from it again in the way the fights were done and sheer action but i do agree that the reason they were fighting seemed really lost on it and the people just seemed like to be there to just be casualties i prefered it more when Godzilla was fighting Mecha Godzilla or the older fights to defend people rather than he just had to fight cause he was an alpha predator
  12. What Anime Character do you want to Cosplay

    Those are good cosplay choices i would totally try to cosplay as Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken And the Skullknight from Berserk i defiently plan to pursue multiple others after comic con this october :lol:
  13. Anyone watch Mecha type anime?

    Top Ten Gurren Lagann is an amazing anime i highly recommend it's hilarious it's got a pretty good plot characters are well done and the mecha fights are awesome.
  14. So with the recent annoucement of the Anthology movie to focus on the famous Rogue Squadron from the N64 games and others how does everyone feel about them doing these Anthology movies and  what are your thoughts on the new Star wars saga in general and the rumor of Boba fett and Han solo getting there own movies as well
  15. Top 5

    My top favorite games of all time are: 1.Unreal Tournaent 2004 2.Dawn of War 3.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake eater 4.The Witcher 3 5.Star Wars Battlefront 2
  16. Introduction Talos

    @[member='HansJob'] Hey! Thank you and thank you for the help on answering my questions last night  much appreciated.
  17. What are you listening to right now?

  18. Trove

    I got trove level 20 Candy barbarian and other random leveled classes got Boomeranger,Knight,Shadow ninja
  19. What is your best game series and why?

    Dawn of war Series one of the best RTS i played there sequels Dawn of war 2 and it's expansions where alright but the original dawn of wars were classic base building RTS using the Warhammer 40k Element very fun games and they're cheap now worth picking up and playing .
  20. Introduction Talos

    @[member='QQtiePie'] Yes i do plan to apply and yes hopefully we can play some battlefield together :D

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