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  1. -Outdated- Veiger

    [quote name='Mitthrawnuruodo.' timestamp='1298392214' post='3628'] Okay, first thing I'm saying is. Veiger instantly pops people with his spells. [url="http://leaguecraft.com/builder/Veigar/?items=117,4,18,118,94,5&runes=11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,34,34,34&masteries=0103400100000000000000000000003142130030301&level=18"]Veiger[/url] Spells: Ghost/Cleanse. You never want to get hit, and you already do enough damage with your spells. Max your (Q) first, followed by (E), and then (W). Basically for the first ten minutes you should focus last hitting minions with your (Q). After that focus champs and just lol stomp them. ALWAYS use your Stun first, followed by ulti, then your (E). If they're not dead by then hit em with (Q) and sit back to lol. [/quote] The advice as far as game style doesnt seem too bad but i definetly propose a differnt build. I like to start off building a tear and a mejais. I usually get stun boots just for some MR and stun resist. i then upgrade to archangels and the hat thingy that gives 30 percent more AP, i tend to finish off either with the hourglass or a rylais to give me more hp. it looks to me like you want very high cdr, i prefer hitting harder.
  2. Headset Advice?

    well i havent made a decision yet, i dont own a car so in store best buy will have to wait. However i am going to san fran for the chinese new year and ill see if i can stop somewhere similar on the way
  3. Headset Advice?

    SO yeah i have gotten tired of my current 20 dollar headset, looking to upgrade into a decent pair of headphones w/ microphone. Right now i am looking at the razer carcharias as well as the logitech g25, do you guys have any suggestions?
  4. The American Dream is it over?

    i too think that the buyout of the banks was unwarranted. although it hurts, the basic principles of capitalism indicate that we should have let those banks fail. why should the goverment intercede on behalf of a private industry? the goverment was supporting an industry that deserved to fail because of its own stupidity. if we lived by the capitalism we were founded on we would have allowed those banks to fail and let new and smaller banks who had made smart business decisions rise to the top of the economic chain. As to what whatsupdude said about making an exception for people, the problem is that everyone would want to be the exception, and that would be just shitty buiness. As to my understanding of the subprime loans that crushed much of america, i believe that alot of the blame was with the banks giving them but that the people that took them were at fault as well. many of these people took homes and loans for ridiculous amounts which they would only be able to afford under the best of economic times (and only barely...). As far as jizacksons comments that you need to work for the dream, i completely agree, it is not americas job to GIVE us a home, a career, and happiness, only to ALLOW us to achieve it on our own accord. The american dream (whatever you choose to define it) is not a RIGHT, its a privilege to be earned through hard work and dedication. Disclaimer: I am a socal darwinist (i believe that the economy solves its own problems, the market is the strongest force on earth. furthermore i believe in small goverment and little intervention)
  5. SIr Lladz Indeed

    Fail tard indeed. I hope that is not the case for all of your schools
  6. Abyss

    Welcome to the forums, a veteran like myself will gladly welcome you. P.S. Berkeley is the right choice
  7. The American Dream is it over?

    To begin with, id like to give my best wishes to pilgrim's family, i am sure we will be here if you need us. In any case, i definitely think that the american dream is still very much in existence. Sure its changed much in the form over the years, but the essence is still there. The american dream (at least as i see it) is to obtain happiness and freedom in life, usually by acquiring wealth in an innovative and fresh field. People have long sought to come to america for the opportunity provided by the environment. People live the american dream by rising from rags to ritches, wether it be by receiving new freedoms, developing new products, or taking things to scales never before seen in the world. I believe that innovation and motivation is still rampant among much of the american populace, its just that now the standards for success are rising ever higher. i think that one of the largest reasons many people believe the american dream is disappearing is because the united states is moving away from manufacturing to a service economy. This means that everything is now made in chine, but guess what, we financed it, shipped it, and managed that production. In other words, i think that the american dream (at least in the sense of entrepeneruship) is still very much alive, just that to attain the american dream one must now think and operate away from the united states. The american dream has graduated from a simple journey to a promised land to the idea of progress, success, and liberty. My only problem with the current advancement of the United States is the move to political correctness and avoidance of conflict. I think that this country was founded on principles of boldness and ingenuity as well as liberty and personal choice. Much of the sentiment in this nation is moving towards blandness, lazyness, and just sheer stupidity. I still feel that this is the greatest nation in the world, with tons of opportunity and liberties that are rarely granted anywhere else. Overall i feel that the dream still exists, but in these current turbulent times it is up to the bold to seize the opportunity that this country provides and make their own luck. Theres no such thing as free lunch, Sir Lladz P.S. It was fun as hell writing this
  8. SIr Lladz Indeed

    im here to tell all of you former AH guys that although im not officially in this clan i am still watching you. Also hi to all the ADK forum peoples, ive been playing on your servers for quite a while, although i was going under the name Ioseph Stalin for a while. Unfortunately i havent had a gaming computer for winter break so no TF2, ill be back and ready to roll by the 16th. Cheers, Sir Lladz P.S. what happened to my old account from the infamous ban?

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