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  1. Feedback on Kraumer

    banned                                                                                               JK
  2. The great gun thread

    why not consider a non tupperware gun, and leave that material for kitchen use?
  3. [VIDEO] Ringmastress BF3 humping

        That's a strong window sill....
  4. I 5 build

    realtemp 3.70 for temp monitoring.
  5. Caspian (etc) No Jets!

    I'd rather a newky brown over a boddies...
  6. Buying My Wife a Laptop ... Taking suggestions

    PErsonally, I wouldn't buy a laptop without a SSD.   Seems regular HD's just LOVE to die in laptops that see any portability.    For work, when I was a "field" employee, nothing was better than an iPad and my tower at home :p
  7. I 5 build

    What cooler on the i5? what temp program?   Push that i5 hard to 4.5 or so, and see where that gets you in terms of performance. Sadly, the hyperthreading the i7 has smokes when it comes to anything but gaming, which is the great equalizer for the i5 when compared to the i7.   You saw my issues with my ASrock motherboard, never again, never again.   Asus from here on out.
  8. HellKnightFire's Resignation

    It makes me very stoked to see you move on to a community where you will be much happier. Thank you for all your hard work as an advisor, you did a terrific job, and will great another a great admin for another clan. Everyone here is in debt to all your hard work on our servers, and will hopefully be able to fill the void you will leave.   Good luck, and pop into team speak once and again to say hello.
  9. 4th Gen I7!

        You won't see NPC's pick up at all, not until players get better...And that won't happen.
  10. Video Card Sickness

    You need a power supply. Spend the 25-30 bucks on a corsair 430watt   For a video card, you can't go wrong with a 660ti, anything beyond that, and your i5 might be capped.
  11. Caspian (etc) No Jets!

    This is a terrific idea...   That would be nearly impossible to execute.   My only answer? Get good in a jet, and when a jet asshole shows up...rock his world and make him rage quit?   hah
  12. Corsair K90...   Cherry mx RED keys FTW
  13. Just Got a New 120Hz Monitor

    You lost me at 1080p.   1440p or go home ;)   Great review!
  14. I bought one, and returned it immediately. It was bent up, and leaking fluid in the box it came in.   I read nothing but good stuff about them, and the few negative reviews were based on the fact that compared to an open loop, they are a bandaide to bad case flow or setup.    I will order another, some day. I run a 3570k at 4.7 at the moment, and the hottest I am getting with my 212 evo is around 75C gaming. I don't like benchmark programs for heat testing, as they aren't real-world enviroments. 
  15. I have very sad news...

    4870's? wow, they are...5 years old?   Well, you got great usage out of them if so!

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