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    Windows 10
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    ASROCK 990fx Killer
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    AMD 8320
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    2X Gigabyte 970 G1 Gaming in SLI
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    Corsair RM850
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    16mb Ballistix
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    120gb SSD 1tb HDD
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    Samsung 24"
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    The Corsair Carbide Air 540
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    AZiO Levetron GH808 Headset, Levetron GM2000 USB Gaming Mouse, Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Flight Stick, Kingwin Fan Controller
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  1. Vanguard Variant Sale

    who needs an escape pod.....make it a bombay!
  2. FPS[ocial] TIME! PTU 1.2 IS ROLLING OUT!!

    Got mine! Cya all tonite!
  3. Final Fantasy XIV

    I have been trying the last few days with no luck, i work pretty early so mornings are hard to manage.  But ill keep pluggin away this weekend
  4. Your fav MMO-RPG?

    My favorite would have to be SWG.  We were one of 2 guilds on Starsider that could clear deathwatch bunker and made millions of credits selling Mandalorian Armor to the highest bidder.  That game just had the best damn atmosphere. 
  5. Hello, I would like to add my F7C to the fleet!
  6. Coldest Intro

    Hello and thx!  I did just redownload SC after my reformat, once i get all my stuff in order i defenitely would be up for some AC!  was playing on a 660 before, my 970 g1 should make it easier on my eyes and the system :-)
  7. Final Fantasy XIV

    I am not a member yet, but I did resubscribe to FFXIV this week to give it a go.  It is very well scratching my MMO itch ive had.....  If you guys get organized I would be willing to take part, just point me to what server to level on :-)
  8. Coldest Intro

    Hey All, ColdestBlood Here!          I hung up the controllers for a keyboard and mouse in 97 and havent looked back since.  Been PC gaming since my days in Delta Force and Descent.  Been all over the damn place from SWG and WoW, to DayZ and 7DTD.       Mostly shooters and military type stuff,  but the twitchy stuff gets to me a bit cuz of welding for 12 years (but i am willing to give the old fps reflexes another try).  I play and have played many of the titles listed on your guys site.  Not enough time in the day for all of them.  The titles that most interest me on getting big into is War Thunder and Star Citizen.  War Thunder I am pilot level 100 with at least one tier 5 in all nations (Britain I have a full 7 hangar lineup of Jets).  I really would like to find a good competitive group to wing with.  And as far as SC goes I have a Hornet F7C in my hangar waiting to roll out.      I'll make sure to pop into TS and get with the WT crew for some games, get to know you all.  Looking forward to it!     o7  

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