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  1. The WarZ Legit player review.

    It is a $ fee to play, and you can play without spending another dollar. However, you start with a REALLY SHITTY melee weapons, and the flashlight cannot be turned off so you are a beacon for those who want to kill noobs. Currently there are two server types. There are 100 pop servers and 50 pop servers. That all being said, anything more than 15 or so and you are guaranteed to run into someone, and if you don't have any gear, you will die really quickly. Now, if you do buy the game I have a bunch of guns and such to help you out.
  2. The War Z – A Legit Review by Emmjay To start out, I want to say that I have never played Day Z, so I am not going to compare that mod to this game. As far as The War Z goes, I bought the game about an hour before Steam pulled the game. In that time I have played about 50 or so hours and here is my review based on personal experiences and thoughts and suggestions. First off, this game is more a survival PVP in a zombie world and not a zombie survival game. Most players, myself included, shoot any other player that they come across. Why? The fear is that they will kill me if they get the chance. This is survival of the fittest, not working as a team. Even if someone in proximity chat states that they are friendly, how can we know that they are telling the truth? The few items that I may have in my backpack makes it worth killing anyone that I see just so I can get back to a safe zone and put them in my global inventory. Second, there are major issues with movement. There is no autorun, no cars or other speedy form of travel, and no swimming. Now, I could almost believe that no swimming was intentional. All that the dev’s have to say is that water was the carrier of the zombie virus. That is why people can’t drink the water, can’t refill water bottles, and can’t even go in water past their knees. Third, gear. Going around and collecting items, with the hope of finding a primary or secondary weapon is exactly what every new player has to do. And what happens when they find that M16 or Colt Anaconda, or whatnot? Most either try to get back to a safe zone and put it in their global inventory. All the while there are players out there with REALLY GOOD weapons and they aren’t afraid to use or lose them hunting other players. It took me until today, 12/29, to find my first sniper rifle. Now I have the opportunity to be on the offense and not run around scared I will die and lose my gear. Finally, what is the purpose of this game? There is no driving force in this game. The website says that to stay alive is what this game is about. So, by them, all I have to do is sneak to a town, get food and drink, make it back to a safe zone and relax. Well, that is just boring. Without a motive to kill zombies (like the skills that the dev’s say is coming) there is little point to do anything else, much less stop or reduce pvping. There are some things that this game does very well. I like the longer day and night cycles, with shadows and darkness and such. It does make the game world, in some small way, seem more alive than it really is. Ambient noises like birds, insects, and water also add to a sense of realism. The biggest thing that I am torn about, and at times it could go either way is that if you purchase something in the marketplace and then die with it in your inventory, you lose that item, almost for certain permanently. Now, I can understand why they might have done it this way, so that players care about what they have and that they don’t take major risks with those items. Then again, they could have done it only so players keep buying those items with real money, enlarging the coffers of the dev’s. What have they done wrong? Well, just about everything else. Zombies are little more than a small obstacle when out searching for gear. Their animations are laughable, their detection radius is a joke, and are really easy to kill (as long as you don’t have a flashlight). Many, if not most buldings cannot be entered. The skyscrapers in Boulder at best allow you to enter only up to the second floor. There is also a complete lack of variety in building designs. Every major building in this game is the same. Same interior and exterior layout. Oh, and I am not going to forget to mention all the rampant hacking and duping going on. So, what can Hammerpoint do to fix this game? First off I want to know what you are DOING. I don’t care what you are planning on doing, what you hope to do, or what you would like players to do. You know, relate it like this - I am planning on going to Paris, but when, who knows? What I am DOING is saving money for that trip. You need to fix your relationship with your playerbase. With the Steam frakup, and all the complaining, you need to do something to either thank your loyal fanbase in some MAJOR way, or do something just as major to get back those players that you have lost. You need to stop all the micro transactions. Why should I pay for the game, pay for more than one player skin, pay for a clan, pay for starting with something more than a crappy flashlight, etc. You went from a one hour respawn timer to a four hour respawn timer (but you could pay to respawn faster) and then reverse that idea. Hammerpoint, you need to stop lying. You blaming us players for “misreading” what was posted on Steam. You posted false advertising, admit it, and drive on. The biggest lie you tell is right on the homepage. You state that there are no hidden fees. Well, yes there are. You don’t tell players that if you want something more than the basic model, want to start with more stuff, or even form a clan, there is price for that. What you don’t state, in short, is that there are many, many microtransactions to be had to those who want to spend money. After all the above, what do I thing of the game? In truth I like it. While it is in a rough state, there is so much potential to be had here. While I am scared in this game, it is not to be scared if zombies come and kill me, I am scared because another player might kill me. I love the mistrust, the complete abandon of what we call “normalcy”. It’s anarchy baby, have fun while you can because you will die, you will lose your gear, and you will hate it.

    For those who are new to the game, or if you are not and haven't entered it, here is a code for 3 free days a lots of consumables to sell. It is all in caps. GGWP
  4. [url="http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000006597-ADKGC/#wot&mt_order_by=role"]http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000006597-ADKGC/#wot&mt_order_by=role[/url] If you play World of Tanks, please apply!
  5. New ADK Server

    [quote name='Johnny 5' timestamp='1349370308' post='48197'] Emmjai, Though it would be greatly appreciated, let's not do anything rash for now. We can try and work it out with the current servers. Thanks for the offer, but please hold off on that. [/quote] Trust me, I'm not going to buy a server until I talk to admins and whatnot to see what ADK needs/wants and so on.
  6. New ADK Server

    Look, guys, I am more than willing to pay for - by myself - a 64 man server. From what I have heard I have to turn the server over to ADK. Ok, no problem. However, I still want access to my own server. AOB or someone come and pm me and lets get this hashed out....
  7. Folks, I have been on youtube watching compilation videos of BF3 and yes I am working on one of my own. However, with the rich detail of BF3 and the amazing things that can be done with the Frostbite engine I want to do something completely different. I want to recreate, shot for shot, the entire Battle of Yavin. This is a type of video that I haven't seen yet produced. I want to use the original audio (voice and music) from the movie, but use BF3 shots for the video. This is going to take several weeks of pre-planning on my part, as I want to have ready before shooting begins every shot planned out in advance. So, sometime in late October/early November is when I am going to need help. What I will need from you guys when it comes time to shoot: 1. At least 4 people, preferably more, willing to follow directions. 2. A custom setup server. If I have to I will rent my own for a month to get it how I want it. 3. An entire afternoon free for shooting. Now, what some don't know is that when George Lucas was storyboarding the Battle of Yavin, he didn't do it on actual storyboards. He made a video using WW I and II dogfight videos. The Death Star in this case will be an AC-130. There is no contest or any other reason why I want to create this video other than the fact that it is something that no one has done before. I want to be the first to make this type of video and get it linked to, and commented by, machinima and other great youtube and online sites. I want this to go gamer viral. Dates are TBD, but if you would like to help, please indicate below.
  8. TDM Ticket Increase

    Ok, AOB, I didn't think about that point of people wanting a 5 min game.
  9. TSW Review

    Ok, this is a unique game, but it really lacks where it counts. Many of the quests are broken, and even after many hotfixes, they are still broken. The total lack of a talent respec makes your choices all the more agonizing. But, you make one big mistake, you are out quite a bit of time. To get a good deck of skills takes hours, if not days, of playtime. That is, if you want a strong deck. Some are easy to obtain and can be done in a day or two, others take forever. The graphics are ok for an MMO, nothing spectatular. The only think that I really liked was the investigation missions. They are a good idea, but the problem is that you can find the solutions online, so even those are broken.
  10. Tera Online MMO

    I played it, and it was a waste of money. Don't get me wrong, its not BAD in any way, it just lacks umph.
  11. TDM Ticket Increase

    I love playing TDM, but with only a 250 ticket limit, the games on our server are rather short. I have been playing on other servers that have 500 or more tickets and they are better. Also, can we add Kharg or another map in the rotation?
  12. Rift review 1-25 Review

    I played it to 50 when it first came out. I had a mage. It wasn't a bad game, but at the time the end game was really lacking.
  13. 700 Series 1Q 2013

    I like to try to keep myself informed with computer and upgrades, heck parts have started arriving for my new rig and I can't wait to put it together. Now, history plays out, the big "improvements" with nvidia are the 200, 400, and 600 series. True, the 500 series offers a small improvement, but not like the 600 series. My question is, will it be a huge improvement like the 600 series, or just small improvements?
  14. Upgrade or no?

    Hueyness, if I had seen your reply sooner, I would have been happy to sell you my old parts. Right now my friend is interested in what remains. If he changes his mind, I will think of you.
  15. Upgrade Incoming

    I have been using ASUS for my past 2 builds. I love them. Now, Warspite, I gotta say I love your rig. My question to all of you. I don't have any speakers to hook up, and generally use cheap headphones (because I have a tendancy to break them). Is it worth getting a soundcard and decent headphones? I mean, I don't have any problem with what I have now.

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