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  1. CSGO Player Brainstorming.

    That's how I was recruited so long ago.
  2. Looking for some awesome music. Ideas?

    I'd recommend looking up some classics to get you started like "sing sing sing" by Benny Goodman, and "birdland" as done by Maynard Ferguson. These guys really know how to put the "big" in big band swing. From there you can find anything from neo-fusion jazz to smooth jazz to bebop. Those who say "I don't like jazz" haven't found their style yet, since the genre of "jazz" has more variety of sound than pop and the various rock/metal genres put together. there's something magical about the raw, un-digitized sound of a brass band that no other style of music can really capture. If you want a rock/jazz blend I recommend looking up "too many zooz" which is a great 3 man group that does an alternative rock style with a trumpet, baritone sax, and drumkit.
  3. ADK TF2 Nights

    I second the motion. we now have enough players for 2 teams (small as they may be.) Therefore it must work. In all seriousness though. I've seen the team fortress section in this forum for over a year, and it has so much promise if we just gave it the attention it deserved. TF2 nights would be an easy and fun way to breathe life back into a game where the whole point is to have fun with friends. Win or lose, you can always find something fun to do. I joined this community to find friends to have fun with, I'd love to see this come to my favorite game.
  4. Competitive team?

    I've loved Team Fortress for years, and played it on many levels. I was wondering if, provided we gathered enough interest, we could have a UGC or ESEA team that is sponsored by (or at least hosted by and bears the name of) ADK. I have over 10 seasons of experience, 4 of which I owned and managed the teams myself, and 4 of which I coached one or more teams in practices. If you have any interest in a comp team, reply here, and maybe we can petition AOB or whomever we need to to get the name of ADK into the tf2 comp scene!   Add me or message me if you have questions.   @[member='AOBLXIX'] @[member='SovietSandvich']
  5. TF2 Friday Gaming nights!!!

    SAME we need to get a comp team going for UGC. I mained medic for 6 seasons and coached for 4. Anyone with questions about the TF2 competitive scene feel free to ask me. Just to get the first question out of the way, YES competitive TF2 is a thing. See me for details, rules, and opportunities.
  6. Concealed Carry Options/Preferences

    you have all your points in order, but I personally don't like the feel of the glock line, so that makes all your points hollow. In all reality though, a 19 is perfectly fine and capable, so now it's just down to personal preference
  7. Concealed Carry Options/Preferences

    As far as ammo goes, it's more of a debate between punch and capacity. In all reality, the stopping power of pistol ammo has gotten more and more similar as time goes on, so I'd recommend something on the smaller, high capacity side *too young to CC, just a gun addict trying to help*
  8. Hello from InHu.PINGdingDONG

    @[member='InHu.PINGdingDONG'] Welcome to ADK! seems a lot of us here are musical. I know that one of our former recruiters is currently in college with a performance major, and I myself am the first chair F Horn and lead Mellophone in my school's marching and symphonic bands. I also play piano and Horn for the jazz band (strange to see a Horn in jazz bands, but I make it work, and it sounds great.)   I normally hang out around the band room at school, so I'm not on as often as I'd like, but if I'm online I'm always on teamspeak, usually the Counter Strike section. If you want to hang out and swap band stories, or try out an old-school styled game, or just take part in shenanigans, hop on in! I don't bite.
  9. I want to play some games, let's get a team going!

  10. What is your favorite TF2 hat?

    I love my golden Gentleman's ushanka. It was custom named and described by a friend
  11. Anyone here in Florida?

    Am I the only one in the Jax area?
  12. TF2 servers down

    Just a note that the Team Fortress 2 servers are running an old version of the game and is therefore inaccessible to players. Forgive me if I'm putting this in the wrong place, but this needs to be brought to the attention of those running the servers.
  13. Hi, I'm Phoenix!

    Hello! I'm a fun loving gamer that plays anything that involves other people and is free to play! (sorry battlefield) I'm a retired Team Fortress 2 medic, and I currently play CS:GO with anyone who will stand my personality for a comp game.   As for IRL, I'm a senior in high school, and I play in the band (Horn and mellophone.) I do anything that requires hand eye coordination, most notably Butterfly knives and twisty puzzles (rubik's cubes.)   FAQ: "why did you quit comp tf2?" I started playing CS, and my team fell apart. RIP   "can you solve this [insert twisty puzzle name here]?" yes, yes I can   "Why don't you swear?" I'm mormon. I don't swear.   "why are you so sexy AND good at gaming?" I don't know, ask my parents.

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