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  1. BF1 Is Sexist?

    This man speaks so much truth.
  2. Hi

    Whats up
  3. Will the Game Run?

    What kind of specs would you recommend to have for this game, I currently have an Alienware X51 stock everything, plus a shitty 2009 dell monitor.
  4. I am surprized alot of BF4 havnt seen this

    On that map there is a lot of easter eggs, like the bitch please face.
  5. Paoida couldnt find the barrels

    @Paoida has always been a special snowflake.
  6. Only for tanks lovers.

    Sexy, the M1 is better though
  7. Activision reaction to BF1

    #ripcod BF1 is daddy
  8. LevelCap in ADK TDM server.

    I've seen NeebsGaming in number 6 server before
  9. When is the best time to group up?

    1800-2200 on weekdays and all day pretty much Saturday and Sunday
  10. BF1 Style Event for BF4

    I would very much like to do this.
  11. It should be hardcore infintry only, (not very many tanks in WW1) jeeps and boats should be allowed, only gadgets you need are medpacs and ammo bags. Golmud Railway should be another map.
  12. hehehehehehe Exactly

    Laith you should just start using a sheild with all the bullets you eat from me and silent
  13. What are your top 3 weapons?

    L115 Sniper M249 LMG SRR-61 Sniper
  14. player view and spectator view

    Zaizz is always either specing or usign a shotgun
  15. My New Baby

    I thought you had a kid, i was like, what the fuck Foxy

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