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  1. Intro: Dastiary

    Thank you. ^-^
  2. Attack on Titan

    [color=#0099FF]I really didn't think I would like AOT. I even watched the first two episodes at one point and thought it was pretty stupid, but after I gave it another try and actually payed attention, I watched all of the first season in 2 days. I'm super hyped for the second season, and the movie they are supposedly making. Both of them have high expectations.[/color]
  3. Intro: Dastiary

    [color=#0099FF]Thanks to both of you. ^-^ If I could edit it again, I would, but it won't allow me. I'm fine with having my number up. If I have any trouble, I can easily change it at no cost from my provider, and a mass text will automatically go to my contacts letting them know what's going down. Thanks for the concern though. I'm glad to be a part of the community now. I hope to be here for quite a long while. You've already made me feel welcome. [/color]
  4. Nix and Rowling

    [color=#0099FF]Some books I'd like to get out there to recommend to others would the Harry Potter series, which most of you already know about, and also The Keys To The Kingdom series by Garth Nix. Mister Monday, Grimm Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday, and Lord Sunday (All listed in the order they should be read) are rather interesting and tie together very well. I highly recommend these books along with Graceling and it's sequals by Kristin Cashore. [/color]
  5. knights of sidonia

    [color=#0099FF]Netflix has the second season, it was recently added. I watched all of season 1, and wound up stopping paying for netflix. But I got it again just because I was excited it had season 2. Along with some pretty rad Marvel movies I've been wanting to watch. I'm 6 episodes into season 2 though, it's pretty great so far. Really interesting and a LOT happening all at once.[/color]
  6. What do you use to watch Anime?

    animefreak.tv usually has most of what I need. Hulu has most popular anime for free, but the latest episode is usually only available on hulu plus. If you wait a week, for the next new episode, the previous episode becomes free with the rest of the series.  [color=#0099FF]Netflix is rather good for certain anime as well. Knights Of Sidonia is a highly recommended anime to watch on Netflix. Naruto or Naruto Shippuden would be the recommendation for hulu.[/color]
  7. Hey everyone im looking for a new anime to watch

    D Gray Man Death Note [color=#0099FF]Angel Beats[/color] [color=#0099FF]Naruto[/color] [color=#0099FF]Naruto Shippuden[/color] [color=#0099FF]Knights Of Sidonia[/color] [color=#0099FF]Sword Art Online[/color] [color=#0099FF]Sword Art Online 2[/color] [color=#0099FF]Bleach[/color] [color=#0099FF]Inu-Yasha[/color] [color=#0099FF]Yu Yu Hakusho[/color] [color=#0099FF]One Piece[/color] [color=#0099FF]Fullmetal Alchemist[/color] [color=#0099FF]Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood[/color] [color=#0099FF]Claymore[/color] [color=#0099FF]Hellsing[/color] [color=#0099FF].Hack[/color] [color=#0099FF]Yu-Gi-Oh[/color]   These are only some suggestions. I can give you a larger list if you've seen these already.
  8. Favorite Artist/Band?

    [color=#0099FF]I've been getting into Final Confession lately. I listen to mostly rock music, so for anyone interested, here you go. ^-^ [/color]   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4REQGkH271A
  9. Favorite music?

    I will listen to pretty much any kind of music, but my preferences would be rock and rap. Mostly rock, I hardly listen to rap. Currently, a band I've recently gotten into would be Final Confession. They have some really good songs, I enjoy them all. Also, a good song to listen to might be this one right here. Check it out.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn58-Nl9NYw
  10. avenged sevenfold?

    [color=#0099FF]This is one of my favorite songs by them. Any artists like them that you can suggest I listen to? I'm trying to get some new music I haven't heard before on my phone.[/color]
  11. Post Your Music List

    This is just what is in my iTunes and on my phones. I also listen to some songs from when I was growing up, or songs my parents grew up with on youtube. [attachment=6132:Music 1.PNG] [attachment=6133:Music 2.PNG] [attachment=6134:Music 3.PNG] [attachment=6135:Music 4.PNG] [attachment=6136:Music 5.PNG] [attachment=6137:Music 6.PNG]
  12. Music when playing video games.

    [color=#0099FF]Depending on the game, the type of music is different, but I always have music playing when I game. Mostly rock music, but sometimes some rap or something by Skrillex(Even though most people hate on skrillex) When it comes to something like zombies on CoD, I'll play some rock music, maybe something by Final Confession or something from the zombies soundtrack. Other games, it's usually a wide range of sub-genres for rock music.[/color]
  13. Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    My first pokemon game was Red version, and I played each version of each generation, but didn't really get into it until generation 3 started. The first time I ever owned every version of a generations games was with Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Ever since, I've only owned one of each. When Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby came out, I got both versions on day 1. Generation 3 is just amazing, and I love what they did with the whole Delta Episode at the end. [color=#0099FF]I'm up for a battle any time. Just let me know if you're ever interested, and I'll give you my friend code. ^-^[/color]
  14. Any Poker players amongst us?

    [color=#0099FF]I've always been up for a good poker game when someone asks. If you figure out a good setup for everyone to be able to participate, I'll definitely join in the fun.[/color]
  15. What is your best game series and why?

    [color=#0099FF]For me, I've always been drawn to The Legend Of Zelda games. I've played every Zelda game except for Hyrule Warriors and Spirit Tracks, and completed each of the ones I've played in it's entirety. If I'm not online playing games with friends, I'm most likely playing a Zelda game.[/color]

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