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Everything posted by NTG912

  1. I'm Back!

    Sup guys and gals. The famous redneck country boy is back. Been gone for awhile. Had identical twin baby girls the day hurricane matthew hit georgia. I'm back casual to World of Warcraft and CSGO. Hope everyone had a great christmas and new year. I'll be on more now. Until next time have a great day.
  2. NFL Playoffs - Who's your team?

    My team is the Dolphins , but with our QB hurt don't know how far we will go.
  3. I recently stop playing CS:GO to come back to WoW. I want to get an ADK guild going since I haven't noticed one. I might be wrong. I got a new account from my brother as I sold mine. A little about my wow history. Vanilla/BC I was into leveling/questing. WoTLK I started raiding and did world pvp in wintergrasp. When ICC came out I joined the #1 raiding guild on my server and got realm first lich king 25 herioc. Season 8 I started arena doing 2s and 3s and was 1800. During Cata I joined a top 10 US raiding guild at the time. Had 13/13 herioc and quit raiding to focus on arena, I reached 2.2k season 9 on Holy pally, Aff Lock, and Arms warrior. I had to quit halfway during Season 10 due to being gone 5 months for training. I came back to wow during mop and got gladiator season 14 on Resto shaman, and holy pally. Season 15 I got rank 1 on resto shaman and got gladiator on frost mage, aff lock, holy pally, arms warrior, and sub rogue. I'm looking to get a group of people together to start an ADK guild on a server. I currently have horde on tich, mal'ganis, illidan, and greymane. I mostly play alliance since the racial and top pvp'er are ally. I play on kel'thuzad, illidan, and sargeras. If you play wow and want to start an ADK guild send me a message.
  4. Please support Dakota for Girl Scouts! She's selling magazines, nuts, and candy and trying to earn patches. Here are her personalized store fronts.   This one is for candy: https://www.girlscoutmagazines.com/…/924bf35d-5744-4625-b04…   This one is for magazines: https://www.girlscoutmagazines.com/…/327b1ab8-4326-4472-9c6…   In case you need to put in a unique code here it is: RQGNMA6W   Not sure if this is where I should put it but had a couple people message me in game. Tons of magazines.   It ends on the 27th. Thanks for taking the time to read this.  
  5. Trove

    Anyone playing Trove? I just got it and it seems like minecraft to me. If so what class do you play? 
  6. Hi - Ballin Big Hoss

    Hey bud. Welcome fellow CSGO player. There plenty of free games depending on what you like. Here some free games and what they remind me of. Trove kinda like minecraft. Tera Is kinda like world of warcraft. Idk if brawlhalla is free but it's like super smash bro. Hell leave me a message I could probably get you games through some old friends and sponsor in world of warcraft. Hope to see you around.
  7. Hello everyone :) -InfamousKnights

    Hello and welcome. I use to skateboard before I had kids and full time job. Looking forward to see you around ts3 and the forums. 
  8. Eyy Guys

    Welcome friend. You seem like an interesting person. The name alone is amazing. I have a Gold Nova Master account and my buddy just got his new account. He's originally a legendary eagle. Add me on steam and we can 5 man queue. Before I join ADK I had my little group which I was trying to get bigger for a csgo community. Still about 15 in there mainly around GNM-MG2, Some lower some higher. We still queue up and hell I even got about 5 of them to apply to ADK. Some went else where to FaceIt and all. I'll leave my steam link add me we can rank up together. Anything better then Nova master solo q hell.  http://steamcommunity.com/id/sryimadeufap/home
  9. Introducing myself

    Welcome @[member='Shady Badger']! Have a great day and hope to see you in game.
  10. I Love Poneys

    Welcome @[member='I Love Poneys']! Have a great day.
  11. What is your best game series and why?

    The Burning Crusade and Wrath Of Lich King for World of Warcraft. When Cata hit the game took a huge downfall. MoP was ok but dumb down classes and ruined the fun. WoD is pathetic and made the game so easy my 2 year old son got his first kill in pvp by pressing 2 buttons. 
  12. Wow Characters

    I can't post my old characters I sold my main account to an IRL friend. I can Post alt account which has my PVE heroes back when I played. I mainly did Random Bg's  and world pvp. Unless I capped points.
  13. Hello my name is Josh a.k.a as Sryimadeufap. I live in south Georgia and I talk country. I know FML right. I use to play World of warcraft since the end of 2005. I was a hardcore raider for several top 25 US raiding guilds. I ended up going into arenas around end of season 8. I reach Rank 1 gladiator on 2 classes and 2400+ rating on 6 different classes. I currently still have some sponsor from playing WoW. Now i focus my time on mostly CS:GO and every now and then I play some LoL, hearthstone, and of course hello kitty. I work at a max security prison and babysit grown ass men. I hate it but most people hate there job. I play for fun but I do my all to win. I like to have a few drink and by that I mean get tore up and spam casual/deathmatch. You want to know anything else about me ask I'm not afraid to tell you anything.
  14. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Pepsi/Beer with cheddar and sour cream chips.
  15. What is your favorite breakfast?

    Loaded Omelet with Bacon. Actually anything with Bacon is great.
  16. Favorite soda/pop?

    I prefer a nice cold pepsi. If I don't have that then Dr. Pepper or Cream Soda. 
  17. Steaks

    I prefer mind on the grill medium well with salt, pepper, gralic, and some herb season can't remember the name. 
  18. What are you listening to right now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEIAPvz6HeI  Don't judge me
  19. Favorite Movies?

    1- Scarface 2- Forrest Gump 3- Slingblade 4- Full Metal Jacket 5- Sniper  6- Black Hawk Down 7- The Guardian 8- Pearl Harbor 9- 300 10- Harry Potter's
  20. Music when playing video games.

    Depends on the game and the mood I'm in. I'm old so It can be anywhere from Ellie Goulding, Elvis, Lil Wayne , or even Blake Shelton.
  21. Top 5

    1- World of Warcraft I played wow for 10 years and meet some amazing people. The game itself was very fun until the last couple months. This will always be one of my favorite games. 2- Zelda Ocarina of Time I use to love playing this game just to be at the pond fishing or racing the horde at the ranch. A lot of good times. 3- Any Mario Kart Mario Kart 64 use to play a lot of racing against my friends.  4- Any Sonic the Hedgehog  The first game I ever played was Sonic. Just a classic game. 5- Bomberman 64 Use to own my friends in this game. Played it so much I messed up the game.

    CS:GO to me. LoL would be alright if the trolling and afk'ing wasn't that bad.

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