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  1. Gaming Rigs

    [quote name='Cynda' timestamp='1301856297' post='5547'] yeah, I searched up what UEFI was right afterwards war talked about it. and I don't know if i missed it or something but, it didn't say that the Sabertooth provided UEFI, it stated UEFI under various other boards, but it did not pop up on the Sabertooth, I don't know if they just didn't enter it or not; but I wouldn't be the one to say. [/quote] the sabertooth has BIOS judging by the newegg comments
  2. Gaming Rigs

    How is UEFI? I haven't seen too much on it yet.
  3. I need to build a quick, cheap, fast comp for...

    I was referring to his list. Yours looks really good but you might want to get 1600MHz RAM if he's going to be overclocking.
  4. I need to build a quick, cheap, fast comp for...

    get a different PSU, the coolermasters are terrible and should be rated closer to 400W. Get a quality 500W and that'll be more than enough. 700W is meant for a 580, 6 core processor type of build.
  5. Gaming Rigs

    get an i5 and a better GPU. A high end processor isnt needed for gaming.
  6. Gaming Rigs

    Why are you only getting a 9800GT? That build is so unbalanced that it makes my head hurt (no offense meant). Get an i5-2500k and a better graphics card, it'll make a far bigger difference than getting an i7. And as a side note I'm getting a set of elpida hyper based RAM that can do 1866 with timings of 6-6-6-18 at 1.67V. I can't wait to do some more benching with it!!
  7. Gaming Rigs

    I will as soon as I find the USB cable for my camera When my CPU is overclocked then I generally see an idle of 19C to 22C and a load temp of around 40C to 47C. My GPU idles at 25C and maxes out at 40C although generally it stays around 35 when gaming. The one downside with liquid cooling is that as soon as one component heats up then the rest go to roughly the same temp, so the coolest running component will still run at roughly the same temp as the hottest part. I'm debating a second loop just for my CPU but I'm not quite sure if its worth the cost as my temps are already crazy low.
  8. Gaming Rigs

    Here's my rig: i7-970@4.5GHz 1.3975V Stable (I had it running at 4.75GHz stably enough for a superpi run) Asus P6X58D-E 6GB Corsair Dominator 1600 8-8-8-24 eVGA GTX 580@1GHz Core clock Antec 1200 (I bought an 800D yesterday but I have to finish modding it to fit my radiator before I can use it) Corsair AX1200 3x 500GB caviar black in RAID 5 And its all cooled by the following loop: EK HF Supreme Koolance VID-NX580 MCP355 Pump Black Ice GTX 480 Radiator And some cheap swiftech reservoir So if anyone wants help with the 1366 i7's or watercooling then I can definitely help. I'm planning on getting a second 580 for SLi once prices drop, one of the newer SATA 6GB/s SSDs when they come out and Ivy Bridge.
  9. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I realized that I'd told it to not show filled servers which is why it wasnt showing up
  10. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Is anyone else having trouble joining our server recently? It appears to be down a lot.
  11. Glitch?

    I just got BFBC2 during the steam sale so I'm not a very high level. I equipped the vehicle radar specialization when I unlocked it and now it seems to be stuck. I've since changed it to the damage and reload specializations but I still have the radar equipped regardless of what I've selected. Am I missing something or is this some gliitch? Anyone know how to fix it?

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