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    Vilefaith got a reaction from Blaze in Feedback   
    I just got it installed and somewhat set up tonight.  will tweak with the setting ,ore when I can find people talking =)
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from AOBLXIX in Rent a Server Program   
    So as far as ADK goes,I take it we still dont know if we'll be renting a server or not yet due to a still massive lack of info from EA.
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from Blaze in Feedback   
    I just got it installed and somewhat set up tonight.  will tweak with the setting ,ore when I can find people talking =)
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from AOBLXIX in Is 20 posts too many?   
    Many games, Many topics.  20  posts shouldn't take to long.  If your actively involved in a topic the post count is nothing!
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from RustyBulletzz in Battlefield 1 single player campaign details leaked, only contains six missions   
    Personally I like the SP stuff.  Add's some depth to the experence of the MP, at least to me.
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from RustyBulletzz in Knowing your chopper.   
    If your the target of either, your fucked.
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from AOBLXIX in Is 20 posts too many?   
    Many games, Many topics.  20  posts shouldn't take to long.  If your actively involved in a topic the post count is nothing!
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from Zsadist in Recording and Monitoring   
    Yeah im back,  moved to a place where the internet and cell service go to die for the last 2 years so i've been playing mostly single player stuff.  Just Built a new rig  and moved to a place where I have lots of net so im slowly getting back into some multiplayer stuff.  Spent the weekend in BF4.  =)
    Looking forward to real gaming again!
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    Vilefaith reacted to Zsadist in Recording and Monitoring   
    Holy fuck. That's a name I haven't seen in ages. 
    Are you back?!
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    Vilefaith reacted to WarderKeeju in Recording and Monitoring   
    I run HW Monitor on a secondary monitor.  Works okay for me.
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    Vilefaith reacted to Nova in Building from Scratch, need advice   
    I wasn't able to see the build :(
    Keep us posted on how it goes, I love seeing a fresh computer get built!
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from Nova in Building from Scratch, need advice   
    Building a new Desktop from scratch, my budget for this is $2500.
    this is what I have, any tweaks would be helpful as I want to build the best Gaming PC for my budget.
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from Turrican13 in Concealed Carry Options/Preferences   
    I have several firearms, but my Conceal carry is an XDs-.45  Its thin, I keep the 5 rnd mag in it while carrying with 2x 7rnd mags.  This makes it light and comfortable.
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from Acobar in VR and StarCitizen   
    My old rig is starting to show its age and isn't up to handling SC all that well anymore. I desided to take advantage of the O.Rift bundle packages and got the i7 4GHz, 16gig ram w/ gtx980 plus the Rift.

    Has anyone here spent any time with the Dev. Kits and how easy is it to do with the KB/M??
    I have an X52 hotas but haven't hooked it up in years.
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from Dimwit in New Freelancers   
    I have been planning to get a Freelancer after I moved.  Was wanting one for Cargo missions.  Now they made it able to be a gunship that seems really tempting or as a even more modified cargo hauler.
    Shit I just cant decide now.
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    Vilefaith reacted to Shadyatbst in New Freelancers   
    And I always planned to get a Freelancer, only now they've made it more difficult to chose which one......
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    Vilefaith reacted to swirl3y in DON'T MELT THAT SHIP! (Yet...If you have an Alpha Slot package!!!)   
    Basically you sell your ship for ingame credits (which you can use to buy other stuff, or save for PU).
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from DestinedToFlail in Best way to populate the asian server.   
    Makes sense to me actually.  Japan usually has the latest tech and less restrictions then some of the other Asian Countries.
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    Vilefaith reacted to Tactical_F2000 in Best way to populate the asian server.   
    Change the flag shown on the server from China to Japan.
    Based on my prior experience on running a server, more than half of the asian players are either from Japan, Korea, and China. I am not going to bash nationalities or anything, but Asian players only join servers that show their national flags on. However, All players from Asia join Japanese servers because of the low ping and the playing quality.
    Just my two cents.
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    Vilefaith reacted to Pepsi in Metro Flares and Smoke   
    I used to be the Vet Admin of Battlefield. I wanted ass hats like that banned directly for spamming them for at least 24 hours. I also wanted people who troll the servers starting shit on alternate accounts banned as well.
    See how that turned out.
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from AthenPC in It finally happened   
    why do you think they sell all the expac BEFORE release.  EA's already been paid.  you being able to play is low priority. 
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    Vilefaith reacted to undead4life253 in I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!   
    TY that worked. i did not think to do that. it was weird i could join test range but not normal MP server and i could only play with DX11 in windowed mode full screen would kick me, i put mantel on and it worked but loading in to the game was a bit glitch. once again TY that worked and it no longer glitchy when i load in to a game, by  i glitch it wold be slow to go to full screen/ tad out and it would start it as windowed the go full screen rather slow and black screen for a sec or two. but i stll dont have a use.cfg idk y. thank you all for the help it all helped out. @[member='Vilefaith'] @[member='WARWOLF'] @[member='Dylbags99'] @[member='Dalriaden'] @[member='Pepsi'] @[member='Pinkytube1'] once again thatnk you all for the help you all were a lot more help then Battle Logs. TY
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    Vilefaith reacted to darth boog in I NEED HELP getting kicked form all BF4 servers!!!!   
    Have you tried to verify your game content / repair it through origin? 
    From what you have, it doesn't sound like this would be the case (you can actually run the game in a window) but then again you did say you are missing a file (use.cfg). Either way at this point anything helps.

    right click the game in your games library, click repair game. 
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    Vilefaith reacted to Dalriaden in I'm sick of   
    Games that cater to casuals.
    There, I said it.
    I get it, battlefield 4 isnt a milsim. Then again neither was rainbow six, but a headshot was still a one shot. You hit q to lean left, and e to lean right. This was in 1998. In 2014 I have to wall hump and do a dance to get that magical angle to lean. The ac130 can hit 1' behind an infantry with a 105mm howitzer and not kill it. We are talking about a platform that can cover every inch of 46,000 square feet (a football field) with molten hot lead. It's beyond asinine. Every engineer antiweapon rocket can lock on (unless they nerfed the rpg and I didnt get the memo) if some recon has a pld.
    Smart missiles in attack choppers are actually hydras with a lower round count.
    Active radar is so broken I refuse to use it in aa, and now we're getting anti air mines. I cant wait to just litter those all over the roofs of shanghai and dawnbreaker. Maybe I'll even through some on my quad, and have someone launch me into the air with c4 when a helo flies nearby.
    105mm ap from an abrams = one shot.
    105mm high explosive from an abrams = hit marker.
    Broken much?
    50 cal barret which really doesnt take much skill to use is a one shot.
    50 call in a jeep moving at 40 miles an hour flying over terrain = 5+ shots.
    Minigun in a transport that fires at 2000 rounds per minute = idk how many shots but way more then it should be on infantry.
    I am by no means a pro player. My kdr is like .97, I could boost it but I enjoy doing stupid stuff. Like instead of trying to survive pulling out my torch and chasing a tank that knows I'm trying to kill it. That said i still find there are entirely to many auto lock self guided weapons, to many weak vehicles, and to many backward guns to make this game truly competitive or focused on teamplay.
    Quite honestly I think dice needs to go out and experience some of these firearms first hand, go do reflexive fire with a m249 saw until they hit muscle failure, get the air force to let them see an ac130 in action, and then design bf5. AC130 could have a reduced spawn timer to balance it out, but it should be more then an annoyance. It should be a threat to any infantry out in the open. Infantry should see tanks and seek cover, not chase after them spamming rpgs.
    Guess what, if you're hipfiring a lmg you arent hitting shit, especially if you're holding down the trigger. Thats why you train to fire 3-5 round burst out of an m249. I spent 17 months in Iraq and used burst on my m4 0 times. Burst and full auto are to gain fire superiority in an ambush, not for when someone is 5 feet away, but my 416 on single shot will beat 0 carbines/shotguns/assault rifles/lmgs in this game on auto.
    The games fun, but nothing about it from levolution to teamplay screams ground breaking first person shooter to me. Add to it that we are months past release, it still has crashes, poor optimization, every patch (that doesn't include patch notes at release) breaks something for a portion of the player base and you just have to wonder what the hell did I drop money on.
    Ultimately I think its a reflection of the player base. We played the beta, the initial beta for me was unplayable on my pc and I said f- it I'm not buying the game at release. A lot of people however saw how buggy it was and immediately bought the game and premium and now theyre whining. Now you have guys whining it takes premium to start platoons, or to play metro, or blah blah.
    Quite honestly I think this picture sums up my stance on dlc:

    You used to buy a game, say battlefield 4. It would be a good game released with a good campaign (not the stupidity of having a marine fire team leader everyone ignored and bossed around we have.) Then you'd have an expansion (the dlc.) This would include a new campaign, new maps, new weapons, new vehicles. Then either a) another expansion including the previous or b) bf5. Game designers used to take pride in their work, game players used to expect it from them.
    Now it all about the $ and players are all to eager to dish it out not based on the game, but on the franchise.
    Ultimately, and in reference to the title, people used to expect a challenge when they got online to play people. Now if someone kills them its an automatic "They're hacking."
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    Vilefaith got a reaction from DestinedToFlail in What I Hate About "No Explosive Servers"   
    If you dont like the Rules ADK has set for the ADK servers, you are more then welcome to start and pay for your own server.  If you aren't willing to do that then stfu, follow our rules or gtfo.

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